Why does itunes duplicate playlists when i sync

Find iTunes duplicates playlist once syncing? Read this guide to learn why iTunes creates duplicate playlists and also the solutions to settle this problem.

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Delight Taylor Last Updated: May. 13, 2020

iTunes is a great method to help us sync songs to our iPhone. However before, you just meet an annoying issue: iTunes creates duplicate playlists after you sync your iPhone through iTunes. You find 1 “new” playlist referred to as Name 1 while the original playlist is simply Name. What’s more, the Name 1 playlist keeps coming ago after you have actually deleted it in iTunes. How to soptimal iPhone from duplicating playlists? How to delete the duplicate playlists completely? Keep reading to discover a method to resolve the iTunes duplicate playlists issue.

How to Fix iTunes Duplicates Playlist When Syncing

Tip 1. Modify Your iTunes Playlists

Just modify your playlist in iTunes. If you modify the playlist on the device, then iTunes will develop a duplicate containing iTunes variation as soon as syncing. You can go to iTunes to edit the playlist, delete the old one and sync, and also then the duplicate must go ameans.

Tip 2. Manually Change iTunes Sync Settings

Choose Selected playlists, artists, albums, and also genres alternative under Sync Music > Unexamine the certain playlist and Apply > Unplug your iPhone and examine the playlist on your iPhone > Plug in your iPhone aget and also collection that playlist to sync.

Tip 3. Disable iTunes Music Automatic Syncing

Another approach you can attempt is to revolve off automatic syncing for Music and also then sync aobtain. Here are the thorough actions of exactly how to rotate this option off.

1 > Unexamine Sync Music > Apply and all the songs will be removed from your device.

2 > Then go to your iPhone to make sure tbelow is no song synced from the computer system. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Music to have actually a examine. If you find any kind of song documents, just rerelocate them.

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3 > Plug in your iPhone > Choose Sync Music favor prior to > There should be no duplicate playlist.

Tip 4. Disable iCloud Sharing

One possible factor why your iPhone obtained duplicate playlists is that your iCloud sharing is on. It might gain confused as to whether to sync from a cord attached to the computer or to the iCloud as soon as syncing playlists. Then comes the duplicate playlists. So revolve off iCloud sharing and also try aget.

Tip 5. Use an iTunes alternate – AnyTrans

If you are exhausted of iTunes syncing difficulties or just want an much easier way to sync music between iPhone/iPad/iPod and also computer, then you can have actually a try on AnyTrans. It is an all-in-one iOS administration tool that deserve to be concerned as an iTunes alternate. Here are some features of AnyTrans:

Sync songs from iTunes to iDevice.Create a brand-new playlist and add songs to it, and then sync the playlist to iDevice.Copy iPhone songs to computer/iTunes, including the purchased and non-purchased ones.No information erasing throughout or after the deliver.

Here are the measures to sync playlists to iPhone:

Tip 1. Downpack AnyTrans and launch it > Connect your iPhone to computer system through USB cable > Select Device Manager > Click Music.


Fix iTunes Duplicate Playlists – Sync Data via AnyTrans


Fix iTunes Creates Duplicate Playlists – Sync File by means of AnyTrans

Tip 3. Click the brand-new playlist > Click “+” switch > Select the songs you want to include to the playlist > Click Open to begin delivering.

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Fix iTunes Keeps Duplicating Playlists – Sync File via AnyTrans


Fix iTunes Duplicate Playlists When Syncing – Use AnyTrans

The Bottom Line

That’s all for just how to resolve iTunes duplicates playlist when syncing. If you still have actually any type of question, please leave a comment and we will certainly assist you out shortly.