Lots of little bit points bug me; which is why I’m beginning this brand-new series of points that don’t bloody work, beginning with Death the Kid.

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The boy of Death himself, it would certainly make feeling that he would certainly be one of the more powerful personalities in Soul Eater. However, offered his standing as among the protagonists, from a creating standallude a conundrum was raised. With the condition, he can have been created either as a strong character with fregulations or a weak character with a large status to live up to (among other possibilities, yet I’m just spitballing 2 polar oppowebsite ones). With the former chosen, a question popped up. How execute you make a character that is both powerful and also yet three dimensional?

A exceptionally stupid concept came approximately answer this.

For all intents and also functions, a psychological problem is generally a surefire way to add good depth to a character. It is an inherit weakness that have the right to be played for suspenseful and emotional scenes when proper. However before, right here Death the Kid is provided Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and also not just OCD but a really particular OCD that involves an obsession via symmeattempt.

And it is played for laughs. Cheap laughs. Desperately cheap laughs.

The attempts to include a weakness to Kid through this OCD plays out favor so; a scene involving Kid presents itself. Somepoint is either unsymmetrical and also causes him to spaz out to the allude that he no much longer pays attention, or it is symmetrical and also he is as well awed by the beauty of something symmetrical that he won’t move.

This adds no depth to the character, and also what’s even more is that it doesn’t make feeling. Everything is either symmetrical or unsymmetrical, so why Kid is composed only to respond to the symmetrical/unsymmetrical objects when the plot calls for it brings up a nasty plot hole as so much as his character goes. Basically, the finish outcome renders it simple to add a really futile weakness to the character whenever before the plot have the right to demand also for it.

Finishing off, let’s touch upon something stupid, his fighting style.


Kid provides 2 pistols as his primary weapons. However, rather than holding them generally, in a failed attempt to make the character look cool, Kid holds the weapons upside down via his pinkies over the triggers. Let’s list the ways this is stupid.

It clears the line of sight, harming aim.

It’s unherbal to usage a pinkie finger for something designed usage by an index finger, perhaps resulting in self injury.

It makes the holding awkward.

It’s uncomfortable.

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Though central to a hand’s grip, the pinkie finger lacks the stamina that an index finger does.