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Claudius realizes Hamlet is a loosened cannon and also requirements to be kept under guard. The initially arrangement is therefore to keep Hamlet at court and have actually him watched.

However, it transforms out ultimately that Claudius does not wish to store Hamlet in Elsinore, as soon as it becomes clear simply how dangerous...

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Claudius realizes Hamlet is a loosened cannon and also demands to be retained under guard. The first plan is therefore to keep Hamlet at court and also have actually him watched.

However, it transforms out inevitably that Claudius does not wish to keep Hamlet in Elsinore, once it becomes clear simply just how dangerous Hamlet is. The whole charade of utilizing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to observe Hamlet and also report on him at court has actually not worked; Hamlet has actually run amok, staging the play "The Murder of Gonzago" to disclose the king"s guilt, and also then terrorizing his mother and killing Polonius. Claudius"s plan to banish Hamlet to England also and have actually him killed backfires, causing Hamlet"s return and also the last confrontation in which basically all the significant personalities are eliminated.

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Throughout the play, no one knows just how to attend to Hamlet. Though Claudius is guilty of killing Hamlet"s father, some of us might instinctively sympathize through him in spite of this. It"s as if he is now simply trying to regulate occasions, at initially in a fairly benign manner. He could, for instance, have automatically ordered Hamlet put out of the way—banished or also killed. But component of him genuinely wants to be friendly via Hamlet and to win him over. After all, Hamlet is his nephew and also, currently, his consort"s son and also therefore his stepchild. One practically feels sorry for Claudius as soon as, in reaction to Hamlet"s insolent remarks around "eating of the air, promise cramm"d" (with a pun on air/heir) he innocently answers in his befuddled way, "I have nopoint through this answer, Hamlet. These words are not mine." Claudius is a complex character, not a clear-reduced villain, and also his factors for keeping Hamlet under close watch can be seen as both positive and also negative ones.