Game Of Thrones: 10 Worst Things Catelyn Stark Did, Ranked Tbelow are few saints in the brutal world of Game of Thrones and also Catelyn Stark absolutely has her flaws, right here are the worst things she did.

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George R. R. Martin certain knows just how to make exciting characters for his A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Each character takes on a life of their own, with their wants and also goals oftentimes differing, making them need to select in between what they desire and what they require.

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Catelyn Tully Stark exemplifies this with her depiction in the publications and TV series, as either someone fans truly revile or are truly motivated by. Let"s take a look at the worst points she"s ever before done.

Catelyn has actually always been a flirt, even if her intentions were greatly pure. Petyr Baelish was just a boy when he initially dropped in love with her however rather of just refusing him outappropriate, she enabled him to fight her betrothed, Brandon Stark, which practically led to his death.

Even after all the years apart from each various other, she still uses her churts to guide Petyr to help her on her mission to uncover out that was the one behind Bran"s loss and also the complying with assassicountry attempt.

Not many world have sympathy for the Freys and rightcompletely so. Walder Frey is a conniving and also treacherous guy who shows little love for his allies or kids achoose. That sassist, when it concerns the Red Wedding, many kind of of the Freys that were affiliated in killing Rob Stark and his allies were simply as much victims as the ones they murdered.

So, as soon as Lady Stoneheart sought retribution for her son"s death at the hands of the Freys, Merrett was judged for the sins of his father.

Catelyn did have actually a great reason to think a Lannister was behind Bran"s autumn and later on failed assassicountry attempt. After all, she had actually the Lannister dagger to prove it.

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That shelp, after being presented to Jaime and also Cersei Lannister, it is hard to understand why she would make the assumption that it was their overly friendly brvarious other Tyrion Lannister to be the guilty party. While she was unsuccessful in obtaining the fact from Tyrion, she seemed content in murdering an innocent man anyway.

7 She Frees Jaime Lannister

Catelyn walso aware of what was needed to defeat the Lannister army. They would certainly need eincredibly ally they can obtain. That shelp, she made a destructive mistake by letting her eactivities for her daughters cloud her excellent feeling. After Robb Stark beat and also caught Jaime, the Starks were in a position of power.

However before, in her attempt to assure her daughters" safety and security from Lannister"s custody, she released this ascollection, resulting in the start of the finish for the Starks.

The War of the Five Kings could have actually been avoided altogether if Catelyn would have actually simply put her foot dvery own and also refused Robert"s proposal for Sansa to marry his boy Joffrey. While she wasn"t in favor of the proposal, she did little bit to stand in its means.

Sadly, her perspective was too short-sighted to watch the after-effects that would certainly outcome from such a union. If just she would certainly have maintained her girls ago in Winterfell, Robb might have actually sat on the Iron Throne.

5 Tells Ned To Be Hand Of The King

Ned Stark was a male with ice in his veins as did all the Starks that come before him. He just wasn"t cut out for the national politics in the south or Kings Landing.

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Sadly, because of are afraid for the well-being of her sister Lysa after the fatality of her husband at the resources, Catelyn intended to usage her husband"s position as Hand of the King to additionally investigate whether or not the Lannister"s wanted Lysa and also her son dead. This miscalculation expense Ned his head.

Jon Scurrently was a boy hated by Catelyn because she initially glimpsed him in Ned Stark"s arms. Ned"s lie that Jon was his very own and also that during his time at war he had actually damaged his vows to Catelyn verified to be the cardinal sin that brought about Catelyn despising the boy for the rest of her life.

She admitted that her hatred for the boy wasn"t right yet also though she was honest sufficient with herself to understand this, she still wiburned him to die.

3 Gives Brienne Of Tarth A Dreadful Choice

Catelyn has never before been a foroffering perkid, especially after her death and later on resurrection by the Brotherhood Without Banners. In life, she had entrusted Brienne of Tarth to bring Catelyn"s daughters earlier to her safely. This has actually been Brienne"s sole mission even after she learned of Catelyn"s death at the Red Wedding.

Though, after Catelyn was transcreated into Lady Stoneheart, her patience with Brienne has involved a screeching halt. After capturing Brienne, she offers her 2 options, either be hanged or kill Jaime Lannister.

Not only did Catelyn hope that Jon Snow would die, yet she likewise went totally went out of her means to make his life absolutely miserable once he remained in Winterfell. She hated the fact that her children loved Jon as a brother. A reality, that irked her to her fatality.

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When Bran was puburned from the tower, Jon Snow wimelted to say goodbye to the boy however Catelyn refsupplied his research, demanding he get out of her sight prior to she had actually guards forcetotally remove him.

1 She Was Instraight Responsible For Ned Stark"s Death

Catelyn"s journey to discover out who tried to murder her kid put every one of her family at excellent peril. It was also what ultimately contributed to Ned"s death at the hands of King Joffrey and also the battle that followed.

If she never took Tyrion, Jaime would certainly never before have gravely wounded him, forcing him to be sidelined from the king"s council. If Ned would certainly have actually never been wounded, he might have actually had even more time to present King Robert via proof that Joffrey wasn"t his biological kid.

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