Have you freshly readjusted your PSN ID? If you have, then that"s most likely your difficulty because the PS3 Cevery one of Duty games do not react at all well to you doing that. If you haven"t changed your PSN ID, then the odds are your disc is damaged so will certainly require replacing.

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I have actually no principle what is going on through changing PSN ID, however you deserve to simply produce a new account with an additional email and inspect if you have the right to play. Just to make certain the disk is not broken.

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It"s been like this for eras, a firmware update caused it. You need to start the game offline, then begin a zombie mode, then authorize in. You have to execute this eextremely time. 

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this was happening to me once playing through the campaign last week because this is a new account, all i had actually to execute for that was authorize out before loading up the game and then authorize earlier in on the menu, can"t say the exact same for multiplayer or zombies bereason i didn"t play them but there"s been a well-known error as soon as loading old cods on a new accounts for a while now

It"s been like this for eras, a firmware upday led to it. You need to begin the game offline, then start a zombie mode, then authorize in. You have to execute this eexceptionally time. 

This. I"ve bought two duplicates of the game cause I assumed my first copy was damaged. Later found this strategy and it"s the only method I"m able to play multiplayer in the game. Don"t think I had actually any concerns whatsoever before via any of the various other PS3 COD"s.

I have actually the exact same difficulty and I found a solution which functions fine for me