Ok so recently and also particularly today my babe has been rubbing his confront on my chest/arm and also prefer kind of thrashing/moving his head approximately choose he"s super uncomfortable after breastfeeding and also periodically after napping. Tried burping him and that does not help. Also checked diaper and it"s great.

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Anyone else via this worry or perhaps recognize what"s going on?

Also he"s began crying what appears choose out of nowbelow and he"ll chomp on a paci ( not really suck yet even more chomp/bite) and we have to walk about through him. So difficult to bring this substantial boy approximately lol

He"s 7 weeks old and also isn"t commonly fussy yet the previous few days he has been which I assumed is prob a development spurt yet male this new crying out of nowbelow is weird!

Could he be tired? Sometimes my kid does this, virtually like rubbing his eyes through my shoulder. I"ll rock and also bounce him while holding the pacifier in his mouth and shushing, which sometimes takes him a while to settle and also suck the bink rather of chomping it prefer u said. Good luck!

Mine went via a phase prefer that from about 6 - 9 weeks! He just hit 10 weeks, and also he"s much more calm currently. He still rubs his head on me though once he"s sleepy and also over engendered.

My LO does that too sometimes and also he is 10 weeks. I think it"s commonly as soon as he"s overtired or hungry.

Mine has actually been doing the EXACT very same point for the last 2.5 weeks (she"s 10 weeks now). I lastly asked my sister in legislation around it (she"s a pediatrician) and also it"s nopoint to be worried around. Look up wonder weeks too. My little bit one isn"t a fussy baby however has been on and off over the last two weeks which makes sense through the wonder weeks. There"s an app for it also.

My LO is 7 weeks as well and also has actually done this a lot yet even more recently! He will rub his face into my chest and also like thrash his body up and down choose a maniac. I was assuming it was bc he had actually gas and essential to burp yet I"ve tried eextremely which way to burp him and also nothing... then he falls asleep so perhaps it is that they are extremely tired :( i understand this week is a "fussy period" or expansion spurt week according to the wonder weeks app.

Mine has actually been doing that since birth; i speak to it the nipple search. For her it"s absolutely asking for boob.

Mine only does this when he"s worn down and also having trouble getting to sleep. I take him someplace quiet and rock him, and generally he"ll fall asleep pretty conveniently.



1. When he rubs my chest while nursing2. When he grabs my face when I kiss him3. When he wakes up and smiles at me4. When he looks up at me as soon as his nursing5. His cuddles
Does anyone else"s baby strongly rub their confront into your chest and turn their head side to side at the exact same time while clawing/rubbing their hands on their faces?
Does your LO present indications of sleepiness. My girl rubs her confront into my chest or arm. Or she rubs her eyes and also nose. Sometimes i think her face is itching from her baby acne though. Cause she wakes up whining then rubs her confront. Im a FTM so I’m...

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