An overheating engine is never an excellent sign, and also it could cause many expensive damage. It"s commonly as a result of a faitempt in the cooling system. But what does it expect if your engine just seems to get as well warm as soon as you"re idling in stop-and-go traffic? We list 3 potential causes below. However before, we first should say that it"s important to rotate your Kia off if the engine is overheating--also if it"s only as soon as you"re idling. Call for a tow truck and also have it lugged to an authorized Kia service center. Faiattract to do so deserve to bring about better damages.

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3. The Thermostat Is Faulty

Your vehicle"s cooling device is equipped through a thermostat that helps your engine warm up faster. When you begin your automobile, the thermostat valve will certainly be closed, and also coolant will not have the ability to obtain right into the engine. Once the engine reaches operating temperature, the valve will open up up and allow the coolant to carry out its project absorbing extra warmth. If the thermostat is broken, the coolant circulation will certainly be impeded, and the engine may start to overheat. If you"re sitting in traffic when the engine warms up, it may show up that the engine just starts to overheat then.


2. The Coolant Is Low or Contaminated

If the thermostat works just fine, however the coolant itself is also low or contaminated by foreign objects, the outcome could be the exact same as above. Like the thermostat problem, this may not present itself till your engine reaches operating temperature. While this may current itself as soon as the automobile is idling, it"s likely that your engine will store overheating once you drive again.


1. The Radiator Fan Has a Problem

If your engine starts to overheat just as soon as you"re idling, yet the needle on the temperature gauge begins to move down as soon as you pick up rate, the a lot of likely reason is that something is wrong via the radiator fan. As you drive, air will flow over the radiator, which helps the coolant obtain cool aget. However, once you"re quit, there"s no air flow. That"s when the radiator fan is intended to kick in; it creates air circulation till your automobile deserve to gain moving aobtain.

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Tbelow are many potential reasons a radiator fan may not be functioning effectively. The motor could have actually failed, tright here might be an electric problem, or the fan can be physically blocked or damaged. Whatever before the factor, it"s important to acquire this part repaired or replaced as shortly as feasible to prevent engine damages.