I figured being a resident advisor would be cool, but I had actually no clue just how much it would certainly teach me.

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As an actual RA comin’ atcha live, I have actually exciting news: Being an RA is truly life-changing, and also I really wouldn’t have actually it any kind of other means.

When human being talk around the perks of being an RA, the compensation package – which is typically some combination of a sweet little paycheck, discounted housing, and also a discounted meal arrangement – is typically hard to leave out.

But although monetary compensation sure is enticing, I think RAs can all agree that the function provides so much more than that.

You additionally might hear around the lengthy nights and also the obstacle of functioning where you live. And that’s appropriate to some extent; you’re never before truly “off.” You could wear your RA hat when you’re on contact, yet even as soon as you’re not wearing the hat, you’ve still obtained RA hat hair.

It’s a work suffer that gives student leaders endmuch less methods to cultivate skills that are important and also applicable for a lifetime! Being an RA truly rocks and I’m excited to tell you why.


Most plainly: You’re perfect as you are, you get brand-new skills, you construct an awesome neighborhood, and you’ve acquired a assistance netjob-related cheering you on.

Why Being an RA Rocks

1. Being yourself is valued and urged.

When you’re an RA, you’re the RA. I recognize that sounds straightforward sufficient, yet it’s very empowering to identify that beyond the typical protocol and actions we all enforce, what’s most handy is once you do the job as yourself.

You deserve to perform so much good as an RA just by embracing that you are.

And that’s because via a task that involves building a tight area and also individual relationships, the goal is to make authentic connections. Being true to yourself models that for your residents, also, so they feel encouraged to explore and accept themselves. The points you choose to carry out for fun and also the causes you support shouldn’t go away while on the job.

And actually, proceeding to execute what you love is valued, because once you’re an RA, you’re so much more than just a resident advisor; you’re a student, friend, family members member, and more!

Now, that doesn’t expect you need to be a super talkative, wildly outgoing extrovert if you aren’t one. It just implies that being a student leader shouldn’t acquire in the means of being #relatable to citizens, bereason that’s part of what builds trust.

And let me just say, communicating via brand-new and returning students just gets more comfortable the even more you carry out it. So no issue wright here you begin, your social abilities will enhance in no time!


Tbelow are so many type of means to showcase your fabulous personality, choose by hosting programs that contact on your passions or displaying indevelopment about you on an “around me” bulletin board by your room. But as effective as this bonding have the right to be, that doesn’t intend it always functions or that you need to adjust. It’s necessary to remember that every one of your residents don’t need to prefer you, and vice versa. Everyone’s various.

However, this project needs most creative and also important difficulty fixing, and so, as you navigate the task, your perspective is tremendously useful. The identities you host, the experiences you’ve had actually, the hall you’re in, the students you serve, and also what instances you’ve taken on all indevelop your reasoning. Sharing your interpretations, principles, and also experiences through fellow staff members and supervisors is encouraged and helpful, as you offer something distinctive to the team.

2. Opportunities for individual and skilled development abound.

The opportunities for expansion are nearly endless! This duty encourages you to store learning and improving, which keeps happening the more you perform it. Namely, you get stellar leadership, task management, and human being abilities, which are transferable to all sorts of careers and other locations of life.

Cultural and also Social Justice Competencies

It is absolutely essential that RAs stay dedicated to flourishing their abilities to job-related inclusively with a diverse group of students. That suggests they should aim towards social justice in their occupational and focus on producing a comfortable setting for all students, wright here everyone is respected and also cared for appropriately.

Doing this work-related helps you understand what sorts of institutional obstacles students encounter and also just how you deserve to advocate for them and empower them to advocate for themselves. RAs have to understand what sources are easily accessible on campus for understood for students, for instance, and also should method their day-to-day relationship-building in means that take right into account different experiences.

Coprocedure and also Collaboration

“It takes a team of RAs to raise a resident.” That’s how the saying goes, right?The suggest is that teamwork is absolutely important to this duty. You’ll work carefully through student leaders, student affairs experts, and also various other RAs to handle campus-wide concerns. You can even partner via off-campus neighborhoods, establishments, or establishments.


Even once sustaining occupants who are handling individual cases, your approach should be collaborative. You’ll partner via students to boost their skills and firm and take steps that are ideal for them.

Time Management

With so much to juggle — including campus programming, resident problems, on-speak to duties, and spfinishing time in the community, not to mention schooloccupational and also probably other work — there’s a lot to execute within the priceless little bit time you have. So, time monitoring is a need to.

Setting limits and time aside for RA work-related have the right to be complex given that RAs are never really “off.” Learning the art of caring for yourself by saying no and taking treatment to interact in healthy tasks and actions is essential to sustaining your power in the function and also keeping a balance.

Plus, as an RA, you’ll setup awesome occasions and also in doing so, you learn to be resourceful, organized, coordinated via budgeting, and experienced at seeing a task with as smoothly as feasible.

Google Calendar has been an absolute lifesaver for me, and also tbelow are so many other excellent time administration devices out tright here to store you on track. I’ve concerned be less overwhelmed juggling it all, and also I feel even more all set to “go out into the genuine people,” as they say.

Communication and Empathy

Working through students means supporting them through their college endure, consisting of all the ups and also downs. Doing this properly takes empathy, compassion, energetic listening abilities, and primarily taking a constructive strategy towards any kind of problems they may be encountering.

Learning to communicate much better consists of plainly saying what you intend while conveying an proper eactivity. You learn the power of being both assertive and also caring, establishing and also interacting your boundaries via compassion. One remarkable strategy that’s readjusted exactly how I interact limits is in saying “and” in location of “but,” because it makes enforcing limits a lot warmer than the cold and detached idea we typically have actually of boundary enforcement.

“I really want to support you, yet I’m as well busy” becomes “I really desire to support you and also I have actually other commitments, so let’s attach you via someone who can work-related with you ideal now.”

Dilemma Response and Conflict Resolution

Unfortunately, life includes crisis moments and inhabitants may contact on RAs throughout such times or may share their experiences after the truth. RAs regularly additionally serve as mandatory reporters and also may be tasked through handling confidential information about students’ wellness in order to respect their privacy.

You could be pulled into instances entailing interindividual violence and also mental health emergencies, or be tasked through mediating a roommate disagreement. Fortunately, no issue the instance, other RAs, and professional staff members, will certainly be available for assistance. Responding to emergency instances and also helping to settle problems are applicable abilities for many work and personal situations you might enrespond to later on.

3. You’re an irreplaceable component of the neighborhood.

In what task might you say that all the job-related you execute truly has a widespcheck out area impact? Well, this one for sure!

By building relationships in between students and creating an inclusive atmosphere, you get to play a vital function in making occupants feel comfortable on campus. And these relationships are really at the center of the neighborhood. The results that RAs make on campus are much and also wide. It’s pretty likely that, at some allude, a student will certainly come up to you and also give thanks to you for the impact you’ve had on them.

By serving as peer educators and mentors, RAs deserve to inspire students to be leaders on campus and also get associated. They really are campus heroes!

4. You’ll feel supported throughout the difficulties.

In enhancement to sustaining students, having actually this job comes through its own support network — a second family of sorts. As an RA family, we all serve as peer mentors and friends to one another and exude “we’re all in this together” vibes.

Being looked after by a hall director means having actually assistance and access to advice on crisis response and programming. Hall directors are resources of accountcapability, expertise, and are campus heroes to us all. Because, after all, that are the RAs to the RA?! Eincredibly hero needs their very own hero, and that’s what they are: Inspirations, role models, and cheerleaders that aid save us going. (Shout-out to my supervisor, aka My Sean!)

The duty also exposes RAs to supportive personal and experienced networks that come from being a component of the basic student affairs division at their school. Because of this, RAs acquire an inside look at student affairs as a career area and might also get a opportunity to build relations within it and also see if it’s for them.

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It really rocks to be an RA! We acquire to play so many type of functions — as community contractors, crisis responders, occasion hosts, mentors, and also so much more – all while earning a sweet little paycheck and obtaining handy abilities for the post-college workforce.