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Why perform you cry? He has risen.

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Why are you weeping? He"s not dead.Why execute you cry? he has actually climbed.Why are you weeping? He"s not dead.He phelp it all on that lonely highway(hayyyy). And his anointing I can feel. He she"d his blood (ohh ohh ohh). For myTransgressions (ohh ohh ohh). And by his stripes we are healed.Why carry out you cry? He has climbed.Why are you weeping? He"s not dead.So as you go through lifes journey(neeeee). Don"t you issue lift up your head. Don"t you cry (ohh ohh ohh) sheight your weeping(ohh ohh ohh) He has risen He"s not dead.Don"t cryWipe your eyesHe"s not dead.(ohh ohh ohh ohh)Don"t weepHe"s not asleepJe-hovahHe"s not dead(ohh ohh ohh ohh)Don"t cryWipe your eyesHe"s not dead
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