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Temperament influences everything you do— fromsleep habits to examine actions to eating style to the way you get in addition to other people. Humanly speaking, tbelow is no various other influence in your life even more powerful than your temperament or combicountry of temperaments. That is why it is so essential to understand your temperament and also to be able to analyze various other people’s temperaments, not to condemn them, but so you have the right to maximize your potential and permit them to maximize theirs.

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Temperament Influences Everything You DoPART TWO: WHAT TEMPERAMENT AREYOU?The Twelve Blends of TemperamentEvaluating Your Strengths and also WeaknessesStrengthening Your WeaknessesGive Yourself a Temperament TestPART THREE: TEMPERAMENT AND YOURVOCATIONDisextending Your Vocational AptitudesUses of Temperament in the WorkplaceOther Ways to Use the Four-Temperament TheoryPART FOUR: TEMPERAMENT AND YOUR EMOTIONSHow to Deal via Fear and also AngerFacing PressureTemperament and also DepressionHow to Cope through Anger and HostilityPART FIVE: TEMPERAMENT IN LOVE ANDMARRIAGEDo Opposites Really Attract?Temperament and also SexualityPART SIX: TEMPERAMENT AND YOUR SPIRITUALLIFETemperament and also Spiroutine GiftsTemperament and also Your Relationship via God

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I substantially recommfinish this book. Dr. LaHaye gives valuable spiroutine advice on own’s walk via the LORD. The descriptions of the assorted temperament forms are spot on. This section provides the weaknesses of the forms. I personally found those sections a lot of enlightening. The advice on exactly how to fight are afraid and also anger are excellent. There are 5 steps to battle fear and also six measures to battle anger, together with the “step” of repeat as soon as one sins again. None of the advice in this book can be achieved overnight. This book will be an excellent ascollection to anyone that desires to have actually a productive life to the glory of Yeshua Jesus.

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I’ve supplied Why You Act the Way You Do twice now in teaching Lit Circle for teens. I’ve review rather a variety of publications on the personality forms by various authors, yet this is the best bereason it’s the many helpful and appears to be more thoturbulent than The Spirit-Controlled Temperament (likewise by LaHaye). It helped me accept myself and also understand also why and also exactly how I am various from others, and it extremely a lot assisted me accept others and also recognize how to finest relate to them. Invaluable! The adolescents hugely benefited from this research, plus we had actually many fun doing it. It makes it so a lot simpler to understand people and ourselves. They will usage this information all their lives as I have actually for the previous 25 years.

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About the Author

Dr. Tim LaHaye (, that conceived the idea of fictionalizing an account of the Rapture and also the Tribulation, is a noted writer, minister, and also nationally recognized speaker on Scriptures prophecy. He is the founder of both Tim LaHaye Ministries and The PreTrib Research Center. He likewise recently coestablished the Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy at Liberty College. Presently Dr. LaHaye speaks at many Holy bible prophecy conferences in the UNITED STATE and Canada, where his present prophecy publications are incredibly renowned.

Dr. LaHaye holds a physician of minisattempt level from Western Theological Seminary and a doctor of literary works degree from Liberty College. For 25 years he pastored one of the nation’s impressive churches in San Diego, which flourished to three places. It was during that time that he established 2 acattributed Christian high schools, a Christian institution device of ten institutions, and also San Diego Christian College (previously well-known as Christian Heritage College).

Dr. LaHaye has composed over 50 non-fiction books and also co-authored 25 fiction books, many type of of which have been translated right into 34 languperiods. He has actually composed publications on a broad selection of topics, such as family members life, temperaments, and also Scriptures prophecy. His the majority of renowned fiction functions, the Left Behind series, composed through Jerry B. Jenkins, continue to appear on the best-seller lists of the Christian Booksellers Association, “Publishers Weekly,” the “Wall surface Street Journal,” “USA Today,” and the “New York Times.”

Another famous series by LaHaye and Jenkins is The Jesus Chronicles. This four-book fiction series gives readers a well-off first century suffer as John, Mark, Luke, and also Matthew recount thrilling accounts of the life of Jesus. Dr. LaHaye is co-author of one more fiction series, Babylon Rising. Each of the 4 titles in this series have actually debuted in the height 10 on the New York Times best seller list.

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These are suspense thrillers through thought-provoking messeras.