What the Bible says aboutWicked, Prosperity of(From Forerunner Commentary)Ecclesiastes 8:14The righteous seem to receive every one of the negative things, and the wicked seem to go via life unscathed, untouched. They have actually the massive cars and also the nice homes on the hill. They can take intricate vacations. Nothing bad ever before seems to take place to them.

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A primary reason that I Peter 2:18-24 was written is to warn us that periodically the innocent are captured in God's justice. They will have to suffer for somepoint that they have not resulted in. The test for us is whether we will certainly be able to accept God's justice, His judgment, and also take it in the very same heart that Christ did. If anyone might ever cry out, "Unfair! Unfair!" Jesus Christ would certainly need to be the One.

How about us? What trials have we gone via, in which we did not cause the trial however ended up being captured in somebody else's sin? It is exceptionally basic in such cases to cry out to God, "Unfair! Unfair! God, why are You permitting this to happen to me?" The implication of our complaint is, "After all the good points that I've done for You, God, You treat me favor this." We are, in impact, trying to vsuggest ourselves. We come to be frustrated and also accusative, never before even protecting against to think that, if we received truly fair therapy, we would certainly acquire what happened to Nadab and also Abihu and Ananias and also Sapphira!

God desires to check out if we have actually faith in His judgment, in Him as an absolutely perfect Judge. Do we trust Him, or perform we just trust Him once the going is good?

John W. Ritenbaugh
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Jeremiah 12:1-4Jeremiah, like Baruch, has become discouraged by the unstable maelstrom of occasions roughly him, the confusion and also damage that always acfirm the unraveling of a country. Yet, the prophet's complaint is even more focused than that of his scribe's. In addition, Jeremiah's complaint does not betray the self-absorption that Baruch's grumbling exhibits. Instead, Jeremiah's complaint is oriented outside himself. It is a “green” complaint, as we would say today: The land also, he declares, mourns, the herbs anywhere wither, the pets and birds are gone because the citizens of the land also are evil.

It is clear that the natural atmosphere of Judah was languishing as an outcome of misadministration at the hands of selfish, exploitive people. Jeremiah did not limit culpcapability to Judah's leaders, yet speaks even more generally of the “wicked” (verse 1) or of “those that dwell there” (verse 4), who have actually “taken root” (verse 2), that is, become establimelted to the suggest that they are prospering due to their environmentally disastrous tasks.

Jeremiah's complaint, therefore, contends its heart the worry of prosperity on the component of the wicked, human being without scruples who take advantage of others and situations for their very own acquire. Why does God permit the wicked to prosper? The psalmist Asaph broached this worry in Psalm 73:1-28. Asaph involves understand that a time will certainly come when, “in a moment,” God will “damage those that destroy the earth,” as John says it in Revelation 11:18. Solomon writes in Ecclesiastes 8:11, “Because the sentence against an evil job-related is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of guys is fully set in them to carry out evil.” Sooner or later, though, their sins and also crimes catch approximately them, and also divine justice—destruction and also death—follow.

Charles WhitakerA Tale of Two Complaints (Part One)
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Hosea 7:5-7Faithlessness is tearing the country apart! These verses present that the nation"s leaders are glad these things are arising bereason it offers them an excusage for their actions! Besides, they are succeeding as a result! Politicians, doctors, lawyers, hospitals, pharmaceutical providers, pornographers, booksellers, movie machines, and also others are doing well from this faithmuch less, adulterous culture.

John W. RitenbaughThe Seventh Commandment (1997)
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Habakkuk 2:3This verse comes in 2 components. The first two lines parallel each various other, and also the last 2 lines parallel each various other. "An appointed time" and "at the end" expect the same thing. In Daniel 12:4, God tells the prophet, "But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book till the moment of the end" (watch likewise Daniel 8:17; 10:14). God is informing Habakkuk the exact same thing. The message was not necessarily for him and the people of his time. It is for the herald who runs and also the civilization he will supply the message to. It will certainly be sealed until the appointed time, then it will certainly be revealed.

This, then, is a revelation for our time this day. He says, "At the end it will certainly stop," an amazing image. It literally means the message will certainly pant, favor a runner after a marathon. Aacquire, it is the heraldry photo. The herald runs for miles through his message, and when he arrives, he is out of breath, panting. Then, he speaks his message to the recipient before he has actually respanned his breath, emphasizing its urgency. It should be given at the best time because things will certainly take place quickly, and the recipient should be ready. The wording mixes excitement through fatigue and urgency, a messenger rushing to gain the words out because of shortness of time and breath!

God instantly reassures us that the message is reality. It will certainly not lie. It will certainly come. It will start to be fulfilled ideal ameans. But it is God"s truth, so we have to think it!

"Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will certainly surely come, it will certainly not tarry" is also a parallel building. God is saying, "Be patient. If things seem to be delayed, it is only your perspective because it will come right on time. I perform points once I want them to occur."

What is the vision? In Hebrews 10:35-37, Paul not just quotes this verse, yet he interprets it for us.

As such carry out not actors amethod your confidence, which has actually excellent reward. For you have actually need of endurance, so that after you have actually done the will certainly of God, you may obtain the promise. For yet a small while, and He who is coming will come and will not tarry.

What God has actually promised is His remainder. The Israelites can not enter into His rest because of their unidea (Hebrews 4:1). They confirmed no endurance. They did not view it all the method through to the end. So Paul claims we require endurance to insurance claim our reward.

Though the wording is rather different, the definition is the same. Paul explains that what God told Habakkuk is, "Christ is coming!" That is the vision! That is the immediate message that we should understand—and also not just that He is coming but all the end-time occasions too. Bad things and also good things accompany His coming. Which side will certainly we be on? The side that gets the bad things? Or the side that gets the excellent things? This is the revelation, the vision, that Habakkuk receives from God: that Jesus Christ, the Messiah, would certainly come and resolve the difficulties he is so worried about.

How does this answer his question, "Why carry out You usage the wicked to punish us, that are the righteous?" Revelation 11:15-18 provides the answer. Because every little thing will be squared in the end; God will certainly punish the wicked and reward the just. We have actually no need to be worried about why the wicked seem to prosper and the righteous are persecuted and also killed. He soothes Habakkuk"s troubled mind by giving him a dose of reality. The horrendous points God predicts will still happen, however they are His will certainly, part of His setup. But occasions have to take this course to create the best fruit in the end. It will certainly all be sorted out. No evil deed will go unpunimelted, and no excellent deed will go unrewarded.

Ricdifficult T. RitenbaughHabakkuk
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Revelation 6:5-6This is a picture of scarcity of grain in the time of a time once olive oil and wine are plentiful. The grain need to be measured exceptionally very closely, and it is sold at about twelve times its normal price. At the very same time, growers are commanded not to minimize the manufacturing of oil and wine, items which most would certainly take into consideration to be luxuries. It appears that the common individual would certainly spfinish all their living on grain to fend off starvation and also have actually nopoint left over for the finer points, while the rich would proceed to live comfortably and also make money on the inflated grain prices. The Third Seal describes scarcity in the midst of prosperity; the wealthy get richer as the negative get poorer.

Such a case is not tough to imagine in our fast-paced, greedy civilization. Amos shows the wealthy " the righteous for silver, and the poor for a pair of sandals" (Amos 2:6). Many businessmen have no qualms around taking advantage of a situation, as lengthy as they are guaranteed to make a profit. We should not be surprised when food prices escalate sharply after a mediocre harvest.

God is not capricious; He does nothing without a objective. He claims that He sends out these droughts, floods, conditions, insects, and also famines to warn us and also cause us to go back to Him (Amos 4:6-9). Our God desires us to get blessings, not curses, yet occasionally He must gain our attention and suggest us in the right direction when we go astray.

But Israel is stubborn and rebellious (Jeremiah 5:23). The people fail to see that their sins have resulted in these curses to loss upon them (verses 24-25). In reality, Israel loves to dwell in sin (verses 26-31)! Therefore, God should punish them to make them obedient to His laws—laws that will make them flourishing and also happy.

Hunger is an approach that hits residence quickly, and also God will try to usage this curse effectively:

Are there yet the treasures of wickedness in the residence of the wicked, and also the brief meacertain that is an abomination? Shall I count pure those via the wicked balances, and also through the bag of deceitful weights? For her wealthy men are complete of violence, her residents have spoken lies, and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth. Thus I will certainly also make you sick by striking you, by making you desolate bereason of your sins. You shall eat, yet not be satisfied; hunger shall be in your middle. . . . You shall sow, yet not reap; you shall treview the ostays, however not anoint yourselves via oil; and make sweet wine, however not drink wine. (Micah 6:10-15)

Rictough T. RitenbaughYour Land Shall Not Yield Its Produce
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