Clone Wars: Why The Clone Troopers Almethods Call Ahsoka "Sir" The clone troopers are so well trained in fight and the chain of command that they even describe the female padawan, Ahsoka Tano, as “sir.”

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In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the clone troopers refer to Ahsoka Tano as “sir,” despite her plainly being a female Jedi. So why is it that she is considered a “sir” among the clone troopers when a lot of genuine civilization armed forces protocol would call for the usage of “ma’am” instead?

Ahsoka very first shows up in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) film as Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan. She is described by Anakin as “Snips,” a term he supplies because she is “snippy” and also has actually not yet learned to control her emotions and also perspective as a soldier of the Republic. In her initially meeting with Captain Rex, he calls her just “youngling” and “little bit one”; as soon as she mentions that she outranks him bereason he is a clone and also she is a Jedi, Rex responds, saying that “experience outranks whatever.” However, a noteworthy adjust takes location once Ahsoka is in command for the initially time in The Clone Wars seaboy 1, episode 19, “Storm Over Ryloth.” Ahsoka provides her first order as a commander and Axe, a clone pilot, responds saying, “Right amethod, sir.” It is a jarring change in how the clones see Ahsoka — and leads audiences to wonder why he"s making use of a term mostly seen as being male-certain.

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The a lot of noticeable reason is that “Sir” is a term of respect among the clones, regardmuch less of gender. Even as a young Padawan, Ahsoka has actually prcooktop herself in fight many kind of times over, frequently conserving the stays of clones and also, at times, even conserving her very own understand. By calling her “sir” the clones are letting Ahsoka understand that they accept her being in command also, and also respect her word as a leader. Even though her first command also is a failure, the clones still respect the experience she gains, as they view the pain it reasons her to shed the stays of their fellow clones. 

Ahsoka and also Rex in Star Wars The Clone Wars seaboy 7 episode 11

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Even if endure trumps rank, it is still an odd option to usage a male-specific term to refer to female personalities. It might be that the clones are trained to speak to all their commanding policemans “sir.” Each clone is trained in the exact same method and taught on the earth Kamino that the Jedi are generals. As soldiers, they are ingrained through armed forces particular understanding, literally from the womb, and are surrounded and trained by other male clones. “Sir” is a word they are elevated via to describe their commanding policemans. Coming from an overwhelmingly male-centric upbringing, the word would certainly not organize a connotation of gender, only of leadership.

Another explacountry is that the Star Wars galaxy is full of species that would certainly not fit via sex specific titles, so "sir" is offered as a gender-neutral term.  The Geonosians, for instance, are more akin to insects: they have a hive queen, however each member of the hive is genderless. It is conceivable that other ungendered species would certainly exist in the galaxy, and in management functions, they could be referred to as “sir” as an all encompassing term of respect. 

Though it was unsupposed once the clone troopers initially referred to as Ahsoka Tano “sir,” it deserve to be watched throughout The Clone Wars that the word is not gender specific — and it is not a term that is taken lightly. In seakid 4, episode 10 “Carnage Of Krell,” it is significantly difficult for Captain Rex to refer to Jedi General Pong Krell as “sir” bereason of his neglect for clone lives. He proceeds to execute so, through some disdain, also after Krell, who had fallen to the dark side of the Force, court martials and orders Fives and Jesse to be executed. The chain of command is respected to a suggest, however respect is not given once Krell goes as well much. It is various once the clones call Ahsoka “sir.” It is sassist with reverence, appreciation, and respect. In the end, it simply feels absolutely right.