Answer: So the condenser deserve to effectively disapprove warmth without going right into a high system press, The types that need to be clean with chemicals are forms that are not excusable
The greatest amount of warmth that is given up from the refrigerant is while the condensing process is following, de superheating
5.After heat is soaked up into a condenser medium in a water cooled condenser,the warmth deserve to be deposited in among two locations.What are they?
Answer : The water deserve to be offered when, then wasted down the drainpipe or where large quantities of water are being provided, it is more economical to save water, cool it in an exterior water tower and also reuse it.

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7.When a typical efficiency air cooled condenser is offered the condensing refrigerant will commonly be....F better in temperature than the entering air temp .
Answer : High performance would certainly be to have actually the condenser head pressure as cshed to the ambient air as feasible.
Answer : The discharge gas have the right to be passed to the roofoptimal condenser or to a coil mounted in the duct work that gives warmth to the save.
14.Briefly explain what is intended by floating head press and tell why it is offered in refrigeration and AC system
Answer : An industry term for attaining the lowest feasible condensing press is dubbed Floating head press. Floating head pressure units simply let the condensing push follow the ambient temperature as the seasons swing from summer to winter.
15.Explain just how to flush impurities from a water regulating valve that is on a water cooled condenser.
16.Exordinary the fundamental operations of a mix ORI and ORD low ambient head push control valve.

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Answer : ORD valve sense a manufacturing facility precollection press distinction of 20 psi in between the receiver and also compressor discharge , It will start to open up and bypass hot compressor discharge gas to the receivers inlet The ORI valve stows refrigerant in the condenser to keep the correct head press. Both the ORI and also the ORD will job-related in conjunction of one an additional to preserve proper receiver pressure, regardless of outside temperature.
17.Name 2 troubles a refrigeration system may have actually if the condensing unit is exposed to low ambient condition as soon as it is not using a low ambient head push control valve
Answer : When the condensing medium is cold sufficient to mitigate the head push to the suggest that the development tool will certainly starve the evaporator. And much less head push cause less warmth to be obtainable for the warm reclaim coils to heat buildings
20.What need to be included to the mechanism to aid water when it is evaporating from over concentrating minerals ?


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