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2.United we stand! Tika taka football strategy
3.Eyes on the prize. Goal keeper"s one on one
4.How to hit a chip shot?
5.Knowing the enemy! Save thy penalties
6.Goal Posts: To go square or to go round?
7.Does football strategy need data analysts and mathematicians?
8.Soccer ball tessellation
11.External References


You sight the player advancing towards the goal, slowly at first. Then suddenly, he picks up his speed clearly trying to score. But the goalkeeper doesn"t stand his ground on the post. He runs towards the player instead of staying on his goal.

Why would he do that?

Soccer is often referred to as “O jogo bonito”, Portuguese for ‘The beautiful game’– a nickname popularized by the Brazilian great, Pelé. And rightly so.

Just like any other beautiful movement, it requires rhythm, coordination and balance. And at the same time, it also requires skill. However, just being a master at tackling, shooting or goalkeeping does not necessarily make you a great player.


Some of the best soccer players on the field today are also terrific mathematicians, who use maths in soccer. The instinctive understanding of the concepts of geometry, speed-distance-time, calculus which they utilize isn"t determined by the ability to solve equations on a blackboard. And this application itself, gives them the edge over other players.

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