This year, the singer is celebrating her champagne birthday in Toronto, Canada for her offered out show at Scotiafinancial institution Arena on June 26, 2019.

The singer turns 26 this year, and what a much better means to celebrate the birthday of the greatest pop star than counting the factors why we love her! Here is a list of 26 reasons we love Ariana Grande!

Ariana has been through a lot in these previous few years.

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When accepting the Womales of the Year Award at the Billboard’s Womales in Music 2018, she infamously sassist that 2018 “was among the ideal years of career and the worst of life.”

Ariana has actually continued to persevere with all the hardships she has competent in these last few years and we can’t respect her sufficient for it.

2. Her LGBTQ+ Support

Photocourtesyof: frankiejsgrande| Instagram

Ariana has always been a big, vocal supporter of the LGBTQ+ neighborhood. In an interwatch with V magazine in 2015, she said:

“It’s outrageous to me once I check out civilization hate on someone bereason of their sexuality. I hate the intolerance. I hate the judgment. I hate it so a lot. Most of my favorite people in my life are gay. It’s something I’m super passionate about, because whenever before I would see my friends acquire bullied, or my brother acquire hurt for his sexuality, I would end up being a raging lunatic. I would literally become a raging lunatic because I simply can’t take it.”

Ariana’s massive brother, Frankie, is an openly gay man which allows her to have actually a deeper emotional investment in the neighborhood. Regardmuch less of her brother being a variable, Ariana has prstove to be a good ally for the community through calling out harmful regulations (and the Supreme Court), leaving the Church due to their stance, and also creating a love letter for the area

3. Her Aesthetic

Photocourtesyof: arianagrande| Instagram

One glance at Ariana’s Instagram feed, and you’ll autumn in love with the aesthetic that she complies with. The soft, sparkly, dream-choose edit of her images make you feel choose you’re walking on a cloud or in a haze.

Most of her photos appear to be caught on film or polaroid prior to scanned and also posted on her IG. There are various pops of pink, purple, and also babsence & white edits which offer the star a cohesive design template.

4. Her Tomato Allergy

Ariana had to cancel 2 mirrors in Florida on May 28th and May 2ninth because of health and wellness issues. The singer later on revealed via an Instagram write-up that her health problem was from learning an allergy to tomatoes!


Ariana’s vocal impressions are spot on! First debuting her talent of doing impressions on Jimmy Fallon, she’s wow-ed the internet with them ever before since.

She has actually likewise gone on to do impressions of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence on SNL, and Jennifer Coolidge from Legally Blonde.

Ariana is an undeniably a powerhouse singer. Everyone has actually always been conscious of the amazing voice that is harbored inside of Ariana’s petite body.

However before, once the singer released the a cappella version of ‘Dangerous Woman‘ on her YouTube channel frankly, we were blown away. You’re really able to watch the range and also regulate that Ariana possess over her voice!

Ariana has collaborated via the majority of world over the years. She’s collaborated via world from Nicki Minaj to Zedd to Big Sean to Troye Sivan to the Weeknd.

Each track that Ariana lends her voice to is exceptional, and becomes an immediate hit.

As Ariana is well known for her remarkable vocal range, it is no surpclimb that she is able to use her whistle register.

The whistle register is the highest register that a singer can usage and typically between the notes of high C or C6 and F6 but can extend above. Ariana showcased her whistle register on the track ‘Imagine‘.

Ariana’s pet, Piggy Smallz, made his music video dehowever as he showed up in a video montage for her track ‘breathin‘.

Piggy Smallz is accordingly named after the iconic rapper NOTORIOUS B.I.G (aka Biggie Smalls).

10. Her Ponytail

Photocourtesyof: arianagrande| Instagram

Ariana Grande is most likely the majority of recognizable for her high ponytail. Her iconic up-execute has come to be a component of her, as she’s hardly ever seen without it. If her hair isn’t in a complete ponytail, you have the right to be sure it’s tied up someexactly how.

The iconic Ariana Grande ponytail is not for everyone though. Singer Camila Cabello tried it and was met through excessive pain to which Ariana responded that she’s “in constant pain always”. Ariana could simply have actually roots of steel.

well u actually have hair so that prolly makes it a lil even more painful ….. nah jk i’m in continuous pain constantly and don’t care at all

— Ariana Grande (

11. Her Groundbreaking Track: give thanks to u, next

Photocourtesyof: arianagrande| Instagram

While Ariana was a famous singer, the release of her track ‘give thanks to u, next‘ on November 3, 2018 skyrocketed her to brand-new heights. The song debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s HOT 100 making it the singer’s first #1 single.

The song was pelevated commercially and critically with Markos Papadatos from Digital Journal writing:

“The soulful song is an anthem to a fresh begin and brand-new starts. She is not afraid to be raw and also vulnerable, and with “say thanks to u, next,” Grande’s vulnercapacity is the listener’s reward.”

At the time, the music video which paid homage to movies such as Mean Girls, Bring It On, Legally Blonde, and 13 Going On 30 damaged the record for the a lot of regarded video within 24 hrs. It achieved 55.4 MILLION views!

On May 22, 2017 Ariana was percreating her Dangerous Woguy Tour in Manchester, UK. Tragically as the concert ended, a bomb was detonated which finished up killing 23 civilization (including the attacker), injuring hundreds through many kind of of them being youngsters and fans of Ariana.

On June 4, 2017 Ariana went back to Manchester despite the trauma that she experienced (and would proceed to soptimal on later) to hold a charity benefit concert entitled One Love Manchester. The concert had many kind of high profile artists, over 55,000 attendees, and also raised £10 million in donations in the 12 hrs complying with the concert.

The tragedy has obviously stuck to Ariana. The singer included a tribute to the Manchester victims on her follow-up album Sweetener. The last track, ‘Get Well Soon‘, ends with 40 secs of silence bringing the end time to 5:22 – symbolizing the day of the bombing.

the reality ariana honoured the Manchester victims in obtain well quickly allowing a minute of silence until it was 5 minutes 22 secs lengthy, I just don't have the words appropriate now. she has my whole heart.

13. Her LOVE for Cozy Sweaters

Photocourtesyof: arianagrande| Instagram

Besides her iconic ponytail, Ariana is recognized for her oversized sweaters. She wears them on and also off stage whenever she gets the possibility enabling her to be in an (almost) eternal state of comfort.

14. Her Iconic Yellow Sweater + Red Lollipop Look

Photocourtesyof: People/SPLASH NEWS

Throughout her romance via Pete Davidchild, paparazzi recorded photos of the 2 together. Ariana was wearing an oversized sweater as a dress, her high ponytail, and eating a red lollipop.

The look instantly ended up being a hit, and also a straightforward, affordable method to dress up as the pop singer for Halloween.

15. Her Support of Other Artists

Photocourtesyof: arianagrande| Instagram

As one of the top singers in the human being, it’s natural that Ariana has cshed friends within the industry. Some of her high profile friends include Troye Sivan, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and the cast of her old Nickelodeon display Victorious!

Ariana has nopoint however love and also assistance for her famous friends, as she’s generally wishing them the ideal, sustaining them their tasks, and also even including them in her own!

Recently, Taylor Swift’s new music video ‘You Need To Calm Down‘ featured an Ariana Grande impersonator and also the singer was even more than happy for the instraight cameo!

additionally even more shows = even more avenues to try different songs under the moon ! u understand i been thinkin ☁️

— Ariana Grande (

Grammar? Appropriate punctuation and spelling? We don’t understand HER!

Ariana is known for her stylized tweets which connected lower case letters, abbreviated words, and several emojis! It matches her style and personality perfectly. We wouldn’t understand what to execute if she unexpectedly started making use of ‘you’ instead of ‘u’.

Music is Ariana’s outlet. Despite the highs and also lows she’s faced recently, she’s able to find solace in her music as an innovative outlet.

The singer constantly keeps fans updated on her job-related as she’s teased photos of her in the studio, functioning on new tracks.

18. Her Fragrances

Photocourtesyof: arianagrande| Instagram

Ariana is no stranger to creating her very own scents. She’s previously released the scents – ARI, Frankie, Moonlight, and Sweet Like Candy. However before, her newest fragrance, Cloud Eau De Parfum is structure most buzz.

Described on Ulta Beauty’s website as “an uplifting scent that imbues a thoughtful, creative expression of positivity and happiness from Ariana to her fans.” The perfume won Fragrance of the Year: Women’s Popular Award at the yearly Fragrance Foundation Awards.

Ariana is sustained by her team of cshed knit friends that were the incentive behind her hit song ‘7 Rings‘. The song is infamously known to be around Ariana going to gain 7 matching diamond engagement rings through her closest friends.

Her team of friends which consists of Victoria Monét, Courtney Chipolone, Tayla Parx, Njomza, Alexa Luria, and also Kaydence are some of Ariana’s greatest fans.

Ariana is a strong womale who was raised by strong women. She’s been incredibly outspoken around her love for both her mother and also grandmommy. The 2 womales are constantly featured anywhere the singer’s social media pperiods.

Needless to say, Ariana lugged the house dvery own via her Coachella headlining performance this year! Appropriately, the performance (and also the festival) were nickcalled Arichella.

Percreating some of her best hits, Ariana surprised attendees by bringing out ’90s boy band also *NSYNC and Justin Bieber.

headcountorgPhotocourtesyof: arianagrande| Instagram

As Ariana is very outspoken about concerns that are close to her, she joined with HeadCount for her Sweetener World Tour. She composed around the undertaking on her Instagram saying:

so excited to partner w
sweetenertour. visit the headcount booth at the show to use your voice and also get your ‘give thanks to u, following gen’ sticker 🖤🌫 If you can’t be tbelow to register on-website, message ‘Ariana’ to 40649 🌫 each and every among you provides a difference.#thankunextgen🌒

HeadCount would be put up at all Ariana’s US tour dates where attendees would have the ability to register to vote.

Welconcerned the #thankunextgen#ArianaGrande tour kicks off this day and you’ll be able to #RegisterToVote at eextremely stop#TheFutureIsVoting | #thankunext

— HeadCount (

23. Her GRAMMY Dress

Photocourtesyof: arianagrande| Instagram

Regardless of not attending the GRAMMY awards this year, Ariana still impressed us via her dress. Following the awards, Ariana posted pictures of her in her custom made blue gown which was intfinished for the award present.

Ariana captioned the photos saying: “when
zacposenmakes u a custom gown it doesn’t issue if you’re singing or not 🌫 …. say thanks to u 🖤”

The singer also won the GRAMMY award for Best Pop Vocal Album for Sweetener.

i love y’all means method more. fr. give thanks to you for the most one-of-a-kind times of my life n for accepting my humanness.

— Ariana Grande (

Ariana’s gratitude towards her fans is never before ending. The singer is constantly tweeting or posting about the love that she harbors for her fans that have actually stuck with her on her journey.

She has become incredibly cshed to many kind of of her fans, trying to reply to as many of them as possible on Twitter. Ariana is additionally not afraid to be as open as possible with them, sparking discussions around psychological wellness, being type to each other, and also just updating them on her all at once well being.

i will not put myself in hurts way. i’m healing thru this endure & happy to be doing it through u by my side. sometimes we have actually waves of sadness! that’s okay. i’m not afraid of it. love you. these mirrors have been making me really happy lately , even the tough components. ☁️☁️☁️

— Ariana Grande (

25. Her Dogs!

Photocourtesyof: arianagrande| Instagram

Ariana loves her dogs. The two have the right to be seen littered throughout her social media peras, and she loves to write-up simply the bit moments with them.

She has actually multiple dogs, nine to be precise. She’s adopted each of her dogs allowing her to provide them happy, loving homes! Her dog squad has Toulouse (Beagle-Cihuahua), Ophelia (Chocolate Labradoodle), Fawkes (Shiba Inu), Cinnamon (Brindle Amerihave the right to Pitbull Terrior), Coco (Dachschund-German Shepherd), Lafayette (Bloodhound), Sirius (Chocolate Labradoodle), Strauss (Yorkshire Terrier), Pignoli (Cihuahua).

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26. She is the BIGGEST Pop Star on the Planet!

Photocourtesyof: arianagrande| Instagram

Ariana has solidified her place in the music industry as the biggest pop star in the people. Billboard, whose journalists are cautious via their wording, dubbed her “the planet’s best pop star”. Ariana has damaged countless records, sold out show after present, been a vocal activist for reasons, and also watched her documents earn certification after certification.

To put it simply, the Rolling Stone claims it best:

“Grande has dedicated years to perfecting just how she has presented herself. In 2019, it appears that world has actually finally captured as much as her. Or, as her collaborator and also friend Nicki Minaj predicted on “Side to Side” 3 ago: “Ariana run pop.”