Parakeets are one of the world"s a lot of famous forms of pet parrots. Their tiny size and also fun-loving, gentle nature make them the perfect alternative for families.

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Parakeets, or budgies, love flying easily so it’s ideal to collection aside some time for them to be out of the cage and discover the wilderness that might be your room. Be certain to save all harm amethod or extended though, so they don’t bump into somepoint and also gain hurt.

However, first-time parakeet owners are oftentimes puzzled by their head-bobbing behavior. A parakeet may all of a sudden bob their head up and also dvery own for no evident factor.

The sight of a colored bird bouncing their head approximately is sufficient to put a smile on anyone"s confront, but what causes this fairly unusual behavior?

Male Parakeets Looking For a Mate

Male parakeets will bob their head up and dvery own while perdeveloping a dance to entice nearby females. I guess you might say this is their mating dance, as it draws the attention of female parakeets in the location.

If you have actually a female and male parakeet placed in sepaprice cperiods, there"s a great chance the male will certainly perdevelop a little head-banging regime to try and also obtain the female"s attention. Unmuch less you want to chicks on your hand, though, it"s a good concept to save the male and also female ameans from each various other during this time.

Note: Male parakeets may additionally bob their head in front of a mirror, believing they are looking at another living parakeet.

Territorial Aggression

Parakeets are likewise recognized to bob their head to warn others that the bordering location is their territory.

If an additional bird enters the parakeet"s area, they"ll bop their head up and dvery own to present they are the greatest and baddest bird around. The other bird will likely ago off to prevent confrontation through the head-bobbing parakeet.

Unmuch less you are the parakeet"s owner, you"ll most likely want to save your distance if they are bobbing their head in an aggressive manner.



Of course, some parakeets bob their head simply bereason they are bored.

When a parakeet is cooped up inside their cage for lengthy periods of time with no interactivity via humans or other parrots, they"ll normally flourish bored and want some entertainment.

As an outlet for their boredom, they may bounce their head up and also dvery own. In this matter, it is also important for a budgie to have somebody to play through other than its owner or you have the right to additionally teach your bird to soptimal in the time of your cost-free time.


Baby budgies likewise bob their heads to draw attention to their parental fees, which may be because of hunger. As babies, they tend to me more needy and also dependent.

Once baby budgies are weaned from their parental fees, they are taught to fly from perch to perch and also baby budgies respond by crying while bobbing their head. This will go on until the babies are fully independent of their parental fees and can currently freely discover the human being on their very own wings.


As parakeets are likewise recognized to be attention-loving, they bob their heads to display entertainment to their owners. They are exceptionally smart tiny creatures having actually characters separate and distinct from one one more. Some might be more outgoing and cheery than the remainder.

Once budgies have actually adjusted to the habits that their owners desire, they deserve to dance and bob their head to make the atmosphere merrier and in this means, they get the attention that they crave. You can likewise number out measures to gain your budgie to love you in rerevolve.

Is It Normal?

The great news is that head bobbing is a completely normal actions in parakeets. Nine out of ten times, they do it to catch the attention of others, yet a bored parakeet may additionally bob its head to aid pass the time.

Want an extra serene pet? Then inspect out the bigger English budgie.

However before, don’t take eexceptionally bob heading episode lightly as this may be a reason of disease. Take note of your budgie’s habits very closely and as an owner, the link you have through your pet should provide you an instinct once somepoint doesn’t feel right.

Don’t hesitate to take matters to a veterinarian for even more checkup and also treatment. Prevention is always better than cure.

Wrap Up

Hopetotally, this will certainly provide you a better expertise of the mysterious "head bobbing" behavior among parakeets. Tbelow are also other types of behaviors that parakeets have actually as a sign of body language.

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Be observant of their beak, eyes, tail, vocalization, in its entirety posture and the majority of especially, nutrition as some parakeets may have Vitamin A deficiency. But a lot of of all, enjoy your parakeet’s companionship as this has actually been shelp to extfinish their lifeexpectations longer!

Have you noticed your parakeet bouncing their head? We"d love to hear your story in the comments section below!

I have actually ring neck parakeets flying complimentary outside my window in london eexceptionally morning. I hang feeders on the home window. They allow me to go within a few feet of the home window and have a chat. The babies sit in trees making an incredible noise bobbing their heads up and also dvery own. The babies now clumsily land also on my window sill Bob their head and also screech in a rhythmic means and are finding out to get on the feeder. They are rather aggressive in the direction of each various other. It’s a joy to see the birds openly flying around outside and visiting me eextremely day. The noise have the right to be a little bit annoying though! Thankcompletely they fly off to visit other parts to rerevolve in the early on evening for a seed top up.