Public Perception of StubHub

As you can imagine, StubHub has actually its fair share of both fans and also detractors, through reasonable explanations for both.

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The Bad

In 2006, even more than 100 New York Yankees season-ticket holders that had offered seats on StubHub got letters denying them the right to buy playoff tickets for 2006 and even more banning them from buying seakid tickets for the 2007 season.

Although StubHub was not directly responsible for those fans’ alleged violation of Yankees rules about tickets, it was an open up secret that the site permits human being to market tickets also when the original ticket issuer is unhappy with that.

An even more serious event occurred in 2006 as soon as many kind of New England Patriots fans reported they had been turned away from games due to phony tickets bought on StubHub. Some were counterfeit, while others were voided tickets offered by revoked fans throughout the seachild. The Patriots demanded that StubHub administer a list of Patriots seachild ticket holders that used the site. The site ultimately lost in Massachusetts state courts.

The Good

While tbelow are many type of negative reviews of StubHub, there are also plenty of positive ones. When analysis reviews on any kind of online organization, it’s necessary to put points into perspective. Looking at Yelp, Consumer Reports, or the BBB shows lots of negative reviews around StubHub. Keep in mind that what you view is simply a allude of see. Commenters will certainly have actually their very own opinions and also responses that may get posted while angry or happy. No matter what you view, remember that the agency does guarantee its tickets. If you buy tickets on the site that rotate out to be fake, you will certainly gain your money back.

While tright here might be a hundred negative reviews somewbelow on the people wide web, tright here are additionally positive ones. Consider that a couple of hundred negative reviews compared to numerous transactions per year is not a lot, specifically once you think about that the majority of human being are more likely to report negative experiences than report satisfying ones.

Of course, all businesses would certainly like not to have negative reviews, yet that isn’t feasible for a service of this scale.

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