Okay, so you’re playing Minecraft and also you’ve obtained yourself some seeds that you desire to usage to begin a nice bit garden. You think you’ve discovered the perfect spot for the garden, so you plant those seeds.

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But wait a minute, it looks favor those planted seeds are popping up out of the dirt a bit.

They’re not meant to carry out that! What’s going on, you wonder.

You could even think that this is a pest or a glitch in the game.

Well, if you’re having troubles planting seeds in your garden in Minecraft, understand that you’re not alone in this. Plenty of civilization have actually taken to forums through the exact same difficulty.

Wanna know why this keeps happening to you?

It’s not a glitch that’s causing the seeds to pop out in your Minecraft garden, but your absence of lighting. If the area you’ve preferred for planting your seeds is also dark, seeds will pop out.


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