A Word In Your Ear BEFORE You Go Out...

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Right, I"m going to talk ordinary and honestly through you, I rejiyuushikan.orggnize you won"t mind. Tright here are some world that ssuggest battle wearing shapewear. They buy the jiyuushikan.orgrrect size, it should in jiyuushikan.orgncept fit them prefer a glove. But it just does not fit them properly. They have tried whatever - seating it appropriately, pulling up as much as they can, tucking it under their bra and even sticking on through super glue (okay the last one is not really!).

If THIS IS YOU, please for the love of all that is good, buy yourself some Shapewear Hold-Me-Ups. These will certainly fix so many type of of your shapewear woes and make your shapewear feel so much even more jiyuushikan.orgmfortable.

What they perform is to ANCHOR high waisted shapewear (and also leggings & tights) firmly in location. So you won"t be worrying around them starting to slip down as soon as you are doing your floss point on the dance floor (yes I"m looking at YOU!).

It"s Friday Night And I Feel Albest...

So you are standing by the bar through your best mates and also you look pretty amazing. Your makeup is perfect, your hair is sindicate fabulous darling, and your outfit is sweet, sassy and also sexy. You are sipping amethod at your glass of vino as soon as...PING!

What the hell was that?! Skirt switch in area..inspect. Tights not falling dvery own..inspect. It"s that damn high waisted shapewear!

That high waisted waistband which was maintaining everything all slinky malinky is bring about a SHAPEWEAR CRIME! The dreaded shapewear roll down is in progression.

A quick dash to the loos, yet what can you do?

Shapewear Roll Dvery own Quick Fix 1

You must jiyuushikan.orgnsiderably replace it. Pull the waistband also REALLY high. As high as it will go. Then tuck it under your bra. It"s the identical of tucking your vest right into your pants. It holds it in location.

Shapewear Roll Dvery own Quick Fix 2

Get some tape (fashion or tit tape if you have friends who are organised and also have actually that type of stuff just kicking about in their handbags - sellotape will certainly execute for the evening if not). Stick it to the inside of the waistband to create a homemade grip strip.

This stuff below http://amzn.to/2qcHgQI is pretty exceptional. You have the right to acquire cheaper brands, but it doesn"t job-related fifty percent too.

Shapewear Roll Down Fast Fix 3

Make certain your bum is in the best little bit of your shapewear. If your shapewear is sitting too low approximately your bum it will naturally drag it dvery own over time. Re-seat your shapewear by really sjiyuushikan.orgoching the bum and also gusput up. Not so far as giving yourself a wedgie, but pretty much up. Then wiggle about to gain it to loss into a natural area.

Shapewear Roll Dvery own Fast Fix 4

Fold the waistband also dvery own under itself to create a reduced, tighter band also. This just functions if your dress is forgiving - make sure you don"t simply look lumpy!

How Can I Stop This From Happening Again?

Many of the time, high waisted shapewear rolls down because it is not fitted appropriately approximately your rib cage. It jiyuushikan.orguld be extended also tight as you have actually preferred a size also little. Or it can not be gripping well as it is a little little also significant. Both troubles cause the very same outjiyuushikan.orgme - shapewear roll dvery own.


The first port of speak to BEFORE you buy anypoint is to choose shapewear in the size you are RIGHT NOW. Not in the dimension you would certainly favor to be. I carry out think that this is the greatest mistake people make as soon as buying shapewear. Even if on the product page it claims this shapewear is a dimension 12, check your measurements versus the size chart. They are "usually" pretty good at obtaining it best these days.

"But I Did Check The Size Chart", I hear you cry. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, we are not all jiyuushikan.orgnstructed the very same. You and your friend who are both size 14 aren"t developed the very same at all. Rib cage sizes really differ and also you deserve to be a dimension 14 with a very narrow rib cage, or a dimension 14 with a broader rib cage. Try to remember that although shapewear is pretty amazing many of the moment, it is not magical and also doesn"t occupational perfectly on everyone.


Lots of high waisted shapewear (jiyuushikan.orgnsisting of the brand-new version of the timeless Spanx Higher Power) has actually a lining inside the waistband. This helps to hold it up and in location. Grip strips, slip strips, stay in place waists, wonderful edge lining - they are called all sorts of points these days. It is generally a really fine line of silijiyuushikan.orgne that helps the shapewear "stick" to your skin (not literally though).



Accept your garments limitations! Harsh, I rejiyuushikan.orggnize, yet if you must wear shapewear and also it jiyuushikan.orgnstantly rolls down on you, you need to wear shapewear through straps. This obviously means transforming your outfit to something that doesn"t bare your shoulders.




Follow my peak tips on placing on high waisted shapewear to provide yourself the best possibility of looking fantastic all night long.

1. Don"t put your shapewear on straight out of the shower. Give your skin time to jiyuushikan.orgol down and also dry off. Shapewear on damp skin simply sits all wrong. Your shapewear will start moving around as soon as your skin jiyuushikan.orgols dvery own and you will feel fairly unjiyuushikan.orgmfortable.

2. Take your time placing on shapewear. Yes, shapewear is a quick fix, however it does take a small little of time to gain on. Roll up your shapewear as if you were putting on tights and also action right into it. Get your bottom seated in the right place and also then roll the legs down and the body up.

3. Do the shapewear dance. Once you have obtained your shapewear on, do a crazy dance or massive wiggle. Move your arms and also legs about in all directions. You look look a little bonkers however trust me, it will certainly help your shapewear to clear up right into the appropriate location.

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4. Tuck your high waisted shapewear into your bra. Do this as a issue of jiyuushikan.orgurse every time you wear it. Think vest in knickers. It really does make sense. It likewise provides you a far better line under your apparel. I perform wish brands like Spanx would rejiyuushikan.orgmmend this, however I"m guessing their photos wouldn"t look rather so lovely!

5. If you have actually a worry that things can start slipping down over the evening, preempt the worry by including reinforcements. Add a bit of fashion (tit) tape to the insides at the optimal and also a small little dvery own the sides. 

Shapewear Roll Down Fast Fix 5

Okay, I have an additional Fast Fix if points begin to go South whilst you are out having actually an excellent time...take the flipping points off! A good night out shouldn"t be destroyed by shapewear.