Lava lizards are a prevalent incident in Galapagos. It’s not unexplained to observe them basking in the sunlight beforehand in the day as they try to warm themselves for a day of hunting. It’s additionally not unexplained for you to observe them sitting on a rock doing what deserve to just be defined as push-ups. But why would certainly a lizard want to perform push-ups? Interestingly, this is not part of a day-to-day work out routine, but a method of interacting.

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Tright here are salso species of lava lizard in the Archipelearlier, all of which are endemic, and they happen on all of the major islands other than Genovesa. The a lot of widespread species is Microlophus albermarlensis, which is uncovered on ten of the Galapagos Islands. Farming to an average size of between 15-20 cm (although some males can thrive as significant as 30 cm), their diet is composed generally of insects, yet they will certainly additionally eat seeds and also leaves and tright here are even records of cannibalism.

Lava lizards are extremely territorial. A male’s area have the right to be as much as 400 metres square and may include numerous female territories within it. Territorial species have the right to display screen a selection of behaviours designed to ward off potential rivals, from visual or vocal displays, to physical fighting. Fighting for any kind of animal deserve to be a costly behaviour. Not only deserve to injuries be sustained which may have significant results for survival, it have the right to also be a very power demanding practice. This is why many species take to conducting non-aggressive screens prior to entering right into physical conflict through their foe. Examples of this encompass roaring contests between red deer stags, clegislation waving between fiddler crabs, singing contests in many kind of bird species, and also croaking in frogs and also toads.

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As a non-vocalising species, a male lava lizard’s capacity to protect his area without engaging in a fight is limited to visual signals. Fighting does happen between male lava lizards – they ‘slap’ each other via their tail or side and also might even require to biting each other – yet this is usually reserved as a last resort. They will certainly first take on a visual screen in an attempt to intimidate the intruder. This is the purpose of the push-ups. Doing push-ups brings an intruders attention towards the territory holder and also enables one male to assess the dimension and stamina of the other. The intruder will then make a decision to either scurry amethod or attempt to obstacle the various other male for his area. If the last occurs, a push-up fight might commence, and if this is not sufficient to resolve the dispute, a fight will certainly take area.

So what at initially might show up to be a rather comical oddity in these lovable little bit lizards, doing push-ups is actually a non-injurious display screen behaviour that has progressed to dissuade conspecifics from physically fighting over territories! How do you think you would certainly carry out in a push-up contest through a lava lizard?!

by Pete Haskell

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