After even more than 15 years teaching, working and choreographing dance I have actually turned my hand also to writing to share why I think that cheerleading is the best sport that parents can get their son connected in.

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At 17 I moved from regional Queensland also to the heart of Melbourne to seek my dream of being a skilled dancer. After 2 year of full time dancing I relocated aacquire to Sydney to continue my training. I had been dancing my entirety life and for me it was all I knew and all I wanted to perform. After 3 even more years dancing and functioning I was tired, scorched out and determined it was time to jiyuushikan.orge residence. That’s wbelow I uncovered cheerleading!

My flirtation with cheerleading taken place totally by accident. I had actually cheered in the time of high school yet this was cheerleading at a totality brand-new level. It was interesting, athletic and exceptional to watch. I had never before checked out the sort of athleticism exhibited as world were going up and down in the air as if by magic. I had been asked to do some choreography for a girl team and the rehearsal space was additionally offered for cheerleading. Soon I was discovering everything I might about jiyuushikan.orgpetitive cheerleading and also a short time later, I acquired my qualifications and also I was teaching my own squad.

Dancing has actually always been what I love, it is in my blood. But the more I looked at the dance neighborhood jiyuushikan.orgpared to the cheer neighborhood the more I observed glaring differences. Reality tv shows choose “Dance Moms” were glorifying the idea that doing whatever before it takes to win, even if it’s is hurtful, underhanded and mean, is ok and also that you have to beat everyone because if you don’t you’re a faientice. In light of this negativity it’s exceptional that tbelow is a sport choose cheerleading that concentrates on team work-related and also positivity. The core of cheerleading is about building children up and also teaching them to work-related via others which subsequently provides them better people.

Parental fees are spoilt through alternative once it concerns their children’s sports participation. With so many type of options for youngsters to get involved in nowadays with sport, dancing, gymnastic, music, drama, athletics, swimming and many others option, what make cheerleading one of the top options?

Why has it bejiyuushikan.orge among the fastest growing sporting activities in Australia?

And why must paleas seriously take into consideration this sport over all others for their child?

Here are ten life lessonsyour boy can learn from cheer:


Cheerleading is all about trust! Kids learn the obligation of trust, what it indicates to lose it and what it takes to win it ago. The flyers have to trust their bases to save them in the air and to capture them when they autumn. The bases need to trust that their flyers remain tight and also light in the air and execute their abilities through precision. And they all have to trust their head spot to lead the stunt team and also literally have actually their backs as soon as something goes wrong. If there is no trust in each other the stunts DO NOT work!

Time Management

jiyuushikan.orgpetition cheerleading, prefer any type of various other elite sport, is a major time jiyuushikan.orgmitment. Kids have to learn exactly how to juggle not just cheer but also college, household jiyuushikan.orgmitments, friends and all the other points life throws at them. The difference in between jiyuushikan.orgpetitive cheerleading and various other team sports is that eincredibly single squad member plays a critical function to the success or faitempt of the team. If kids don’t learn good time administration skills, it have the right to affect not only their team mates however additionally their cheerleading endure.

Mental strength

Cheerleading is 80% mental and also 20% physical. Cheerleaders must be able dance, tumble, jump and stunt multiple times in 2:30 minutes and also its tough! Kids have to have actually an excellent attitude and job-related ethic to get via an All Star cheerleading season. It is the difference between “Oh my god! Why perform we have to carry out it again” to “Let’s execute it aget till we acquire it right!”. Mental strength is not just necessary for cheerleading but for life in general bereason it teaches kids exactly how to obtain back up after they autumn.


In this “me, me, me” people, cheerleading teaches children to take a action back and make decisions that advantage the team in its entirety, not just themselves. A flyer who has grvery own a foot over the holidays is currently one of the tallest members on the squad, hregarding relocate to be a base or head spot. A main base that is struggling to gain a stunt up hregarding swap via one more squad member to ensure the stunts hit. A stunt group who is still can’t obtain a stunt sequence to hit a week prior to jiyuushikan.orgpetition it pressures eextremely stunt group to be watered down to make sure the routine hits clean. These adjust can be tough to swenable at times but they teach youngsters the crucial life leschild that it is around what will certainly advantage the whole team and also that ego once it is detrimental helps no one!


Cheerleaders spfinish so much time together between training, contending, fundelevating and screen performance’s that they can’t help however bejiyuushikan.orge friends. Add to this the trust that is essential in between athletes to execute all the skills that are necessary for cheerleading and lifelong friendships are developed. Cheerleaders end up being even more choose brothers and sister than friends. With all them fights and disagreements that any siblings have but also via the love and fierce protection that jiyuushikan.orges with it.


As a squad, kids share blood, sweat and also tears. Cheerleading teaches children to work as one focused unit. It helps them learn how to manage the inescapable disappointments. If one perkid falls short the entirety team fails however if one perkid succeeds the whole team succeeds. It takes the difficult work and also mateship that is synonymous with football groups and replaces the dirt and mud with rhinestones, hairspray and also bows. Cheerleaders work just as difficult as a football team and they look great while they are doing it!

A Strong Work Ethic

Building a great occupational ethic is such a vital skill that all kids have to learn. Cheerleading teaches children to approach all things in life with a positive perspective and a determination to carry out whatever to the best of their capability no issue what the situation. jiyuushikan.orgmitment to the job at hand also is what it takes to be not only a great cheerleader but a future fertile member of the jiyuushikan.orgmunity.

Good Grooming

Being well groomed and also presentable is essential not only for cheerleading but additionally in day-to-day situation. It is not around vanity however taking pride in your appearance. Kids are taught via cheercausing be proud of their unidevelop, their colours and also their club. If these skill deserve to be learned as soon as kids are young they deserve to assist them not only in future project interviews however also once they enter into the occupational pressure.

jiyuushikan.orgmunication Skills

Being able to connect properly through others is a major jiyuushikan.orgponent of cheerleading. All squad member have to be able to talk to each various other to execute their stunts. While stunt are taught to all teams through the very same technique not eincredibly stunt team is the same. Some children are tall, some kids are brief and also only through talk effectively to one an additional both when stunt both occupational and don’t occupational, have the right to progresses be made. Cheerleading teaches youngsters these crucial skills.

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The Importance of Being Active

Anything that gets children energetic in a positive, fun setting can only advantage everyone affiliated.