Google Plus is lastly founding to prove to us that it isn’t quite the ghost-town we all assumed it would be. Integrating G+ comments into YouTube was a bold relocate, one that was not especially favoured by many kind of. However it was a move that assisted present the networking platcreate to a large chunk of the internet that they may never before have actually been able to leverage previously.

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Coupled via the addition of “views” to prorecords and also organization peras just a couple of months later on, it’s now appropriate there in front of us in babsence and also white. Google Plus has actually a huge amount of everyday users.


It’s not simply the industry specialists prefer Matt Cutts and Rand also Fishkin that are acquiring all the views either. Celebrity propapers such as Mark Wahlberg, Hugh Jackguy and Russell Brand all boast millions upon millions of views. But while Matt and the rest of those men rack up substantial check out counts, the remainder of us are displaying rather flaccid numbers in comparichild.


But did you recognize that it’s actually not that difficult to normally inflate your own check out count, whilst obtaining a couple of pertinent followers? Read on to uncover exactly how I earnt over half a million views to both my G+ web page and my G+ profile in much less than a year by ssuggest sharing one post a day – and nopoint more.

Understanding Google Plus Views

I was really puzzled when Google switched +1 count to check out count and also my G+ profile showed simply under half a million views! Don’t acquire me wrong, it was fantastic to see such a high number, however I was just puzzled regarding exactly how my profile had actually garnered so many kind of views when I’d just created it as an afterthneed to establish Google authorship for my motoring blog. I seldom share anything here, so what’s so distinct around this profile?


Next off I checked the Google Plus web page for my blog and also the outcomes were similar, if not a tiny even more staggering. I share content frequently by means of this page so was naturally expecting a larger see count than on my profile.


Upon even more examination I began to realise that the see count displayed is really an accumulation of views to my page and my posts and my photo counts.

I’m now going to let you into a tiny secret…The trick that aided me understand also how to replicate this – They aren’t all technically “views” either, a huge chunk of them are impressions.

For the last year I had been following an easy formula which had actually been naturally increasing my (then hidden) check out count by a enormous amount.

Increasing Your Google Plus Views

To significantly rise your Google Plus watch count you need to be doing 2 things: Sharing imeras and using neighborhoods.

Embed a extremely shareable image within each write-up on your blog or website.Article the photo to G+ via a link ago to your write-up in the summary.Share the posted photo in relevant G+ communities via big audiences.

If you sign-up to a G+ community through a huge volume of members, the article you share to the community is mutual on the feed of community members. The bigger the audience, the larger the impression share, the more “views” your page will certainly get.

An photo I shared this morning was “viewed” approx 1400 times in just over fifty percent an hour!


Which is a much cry from the presently overcoming social network-related – Facebook.


So were views added to our prodocuments and also pperiods to show the reach of your articles compared to those ever decreasing numbers on Facebook? Probably.

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Google states “the see count number equals the variety of times your content has actually been seen by various other world, including your photos, short articles, and profile web page.” So the administrator of the page will additionally gain a rise in their own views also.

Let me recognize in the comments if you have actually any more tips for boosting Google Plus views!