I am a trustee of a British Christian magazine. We are not a church, nor a counseling firm, but frequently people carry out create to us for aid. We are not equipped to answer eexceptionally letter, however there are some we simply can’t overlook. The controlling editor sent one such letter to me recently, and asked me to pray about it.

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Let me quote a couple of excerpts.

“Will you please pray for me and my family? Last week I was told I have actually cancer aacquire, the second time in 20 years…. Last year I was told I was a diabetic. “I am frightened. I cannot pray, as I don’t understand how…. Many type of negative thoughts are running through my mind…. My husband is worried sick.

“I have actually no friends I can trust… friends have failed me in the previous. One even cursed me…. Now I think these negative things have actually occurred because of her curse. Since Mum died it has been one thing after another…. I think God hates me. I can’t blame him—I hate myself.”

This letter influenced me deeply. I check out it with tears in my eyes, feeling this person’s sadness and sorrow in eincredibly line. She was so obviously worn out, discouraged and also enduring from depression. I am not qualified to offer help in those locations, although I knew sufficient to indicate that she look for expert help.

The disturbing line of her letter, the one that stood out, that shrieked at me, was this: “I think God hates me. I can’t blame him—I hate myself.”

Well, as a minister, and also as a Christian that has had actually his share of ups and downs, I am qualified to sell her some advice about this. Tright here is no one—no one—whom God hates.

But so many type of of us feel that means at times, don’t we? We may not reach the depths of despair that this reader felt. But we perform feel unworthy of God’s love and also treatment, and also may also be afrhelp to pray to him because of the unworthiness we feel.

Unfortunately, some may check out this woman’s statement as a lack of faith and also wonder how anyone who calls herself a “Christian” have the right to think that God hates her. Their advice might be, “Soptimal that nonfeeling. Pull yourself together. You have to be ashamed of making such a statement about God.” They might point to some upbeat bibles to display tbelow is no excuse for a Christian to ever before be so depressed.

Well, they are wrong.

Doesn’t need criticism

And even if they were appropriate, it is not what this lady requirements to hear right currently. She doesn’t need criticism or correction. She needs someone to listen and also to share her difficulties without any judgment or “fast-resolve prompt solution.” Society have the right to grind world dvery own and also make them feel emotionally drained. Add to that the push of a life-threatening illness and also the comparatively recent loss of a parent and it’s easy to understand also why they may feel God has actually cursed them. It deserve to happen even to the best of God’s servants—choose Elijah.

Couple of world ever before operated as difficult, or risked as a lot in God’s company as Elijah did. But, practically immediately after one of his biggest triumphs (you can read the story in the Old Testimony book of 1 Kings, chapter 18), we discover him exhausted, frightened, depressed and also prepared to finish it all.

The Bible tells us that he ran off into the desert wilderness, lay down under a tree and also told God, “I have had sufficient, Lord. Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.” 1 Kings 19:4-5. Then he lay dvery own under the tree and also dropped asleep.

That was more than likely the ideal thing he could have done. It’s hard to watch things directly as soon as you are exhausted. So God let him rest a while. And then, rather of criticizing him for his lack of confidence, God began to carefully refocus him on doing the work-related he had been dubbed to execute.

God understands

God does not throw world ameans once they break dvery own. His love for us does not depfinish on our love for him. The Psalms remind us:

“As high as the heavens are over the earth, so great is his love for those that are afraid him. As much as the eastern is from the west, so far has actually he rerelocated our transgressions from us. As a father has actually compassion on his youngsters, so the LORD has actually compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we are created, he remembers that we are dust.” Psalm 103:11-14.

God’s love for us does not depfinish on our state of mind or adherence to a set of rules and also regulations. Neither does it depend on whether we are fit and well or struggling or sick, on whether we are fat or thin, tall or short, young or old, nor on the color of our skin, our task, financial position or our family.

God loves us so a lot that in John 3:16 we are told that he gave his one and also only Son for us.

As Paul reminded the Christians at Rome, “You watch, at just the best time, as soon as we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very hardly ever will certainly anyone die for a righteous male, though for a good man someone might probably dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:6-8.

You are not alone

I recognize that this is tough to understand also. We are tempted to think, “Yes, that’s maybe true for a lot of civilization, yet not for me.” I empathize because I also have had some of life’s ups and downs. My paleas divorced as soon as I was 8 years old. In fact there have been in my family of two brothers and also one sister, and also my wife’s household of one sister—including our parents—a total of 12 divorces.

My sister died once she was 29, leaving two small kids. One of my brothers was killed in a auto accident 12 years ago. My father and one of my brothers were both alcoholics, my father dying at 58 as an outcome, while both spent time in prikid. My own organization collapsed and also it took ten years to pay off the debts. And as an outcome of doctrinal changes in our church I shed close friends of many type of years standing.

So I have actually some knowledge of what the writer felt throughout this troubled period of her life. Through it all I’ve involved recognize that God loves me and I deserve to confidently ascertain her that God loves her, too. Just as he does you.

Tbelow are no quick and simple answers in times of serious trial and also challenge. Sometimes we need to endure via the pain. Only in retrospect can we take a much more well balanced and also calmer look at our trials, however even then we naturally ask the question, “Why me?”

Don’t be afrhelp to ask for help

We don’t constantly understand the answers. In fact, we seldom perform. Life is rarely fair, and, as Elijah had actually to learn, walking through God does not put you in an insulated bubble and guarantee you liberty from trials and problems, not also from the personal hell of depression. So don’t be afrassist to obtain some professional aid once you need it. And don’t be afraid to ask for prayers and support.

Before I finish, might I remind you of somepoint else Paul wrote?

“So, what execute you think? With God on our side favor this, exactly how can we lose? If God didn’t hesitate to put every little thing on the line for us, embracing our problem and also exposing himself to the worst by sending his very own Son, is tbelow anypoint else he wouldn’t gladly and also openly carry out for us?

“And who would certainly dare tangle through God by messing with among God’s chosen? Who would dare even to suggest a finger? The One that died for us—that was raised to life for us!—is in the visibility of God at this incredibly moment sticking up for us.

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“Do you think anyone is going to have the ability to drive a wedge in between us and Christ’s love for us? There is no way! Not trouble, not difficult times, not hatred, not hunger, not homelessness, not bullying threats, not backstabbing, not even the worst sins listed in Scripture.” Romans 8:31-35, The Blog post Bible. •

Keith Hartrick is a trustee of the UK Level Truth magazine. He lives in Bradford, England.