Pro eSports players are watched wearing a pair of white headphones in their ears in gaming tournaments, in addition to a experienced collection of headphones. Tright here are numerous reasons why these gamers wear the second set of headphones.

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eSports players wear two headphones for in-game sounds and for connecting with teammates. Crowd noise can interfere through gameplay, so experienced eSports players usage noise-canceling headphones to block the interference.

Each headphone has actually its own usage and benefits, as it sits comfortably in the pro eSports gamer’s ears. Let’s learn why.

Wearing Two Headphones


Live gaming occasions are equivalent to that of any kind of various other experienced occasion. The crowd noise heightens the room and also is consistently roaring through the player’s ears.

The adrenaline of all the players is at an all-time high, the crowd is tense, the announcers are energetic, and the camera crew moves all approximately the phase.

With all of the comactivity of the screaming crowd and communication between the broadcast/video camera crew, there’s many noise that radiates to the players’ ears.

Professional eSports players, specifically in shooting games, should hear eextremely single footstep that is taken. It’s exceptionally challenging to carry out so, with all the nervousness and also intensity that fills the airwaves.

If you’ve ever proficient a LAN party yourself via your friends, you’ll alert the noise of butloads being mamelted, world who aren’t playing having conversations on the side, and also perhaps outside noise making its means into your ears.

Multiply these distractions, which an eSports player has to attend to in front of thousands of fans.

Crowd Noise

An eSports audience is loud from the extremely beginning. If it’s a one-on-one fight choose Street Fight or Super Smash or a team deathmatch style game choose CS: GO, there’s always a distractivity from the crowd.

This causes the audience always to be cheering or yelling some kind of heartfelt emovement once something significant happens.

Here is a visual of an average eSports audience in a competitive scene.


The eSports player should try to focus and also face the audience behind a computer system screen. It can be a lot for a young 16 years old to manage, specifically as cshed games start to amplify the press.

Block Out Video Game Casters Noise

Watching an eSports occasion is comparable to watching any other sporting activities broadcast.

What sets eSports apart from a lot of sporting activities are the charismatic and entertaining game casters. They’re full of energy and excitement as they make a straightforward elimicountry sound like it’s the game-winning score.

It’s what makes the broadactors that a lot even more amazing.

Here is an instance of an eSports broadcast live on air:

All of the casters on this list bring a high amount of energy to their broadactors, which is necessary; yet, it may distract the player. Drowning out these sounds, together with a raging crowd, is a hard technological and also physical job.

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Avoid Technology Noise From Staff

It takes a well-coordinated technological team to make any type of eSport event work. From the video camera crew dvery own the secrets being smaburned throughout the game, the noise from the innovation adds to the already chaotic atmosphere.

Although they don’t make any kind of noise, the lighting have the right to also be a mindless distractivity for a player. Bappropriate lights fill the stage to illuminate the players.

Also, relocating strobe lights transition prior to and also after games, as the casters may highlight various players.

What Comes Out Of The Two Headphones Pro Gamers Wear?

In-Video Game Sound

The white pair of headphones (comparable to the iPhone headphones) sits inside the gamer’s actual experienced headphones. These headphones task in-game sounds so players have the right to hear shots, footactions, and so on These headphones are the vital headphone to the player.

The second pair and much larger headphones serve a different purpose. The noise-canceling, thicker headphones that fit completely over the player’s ear will pump white noise into their ears.

On to of the noise-canceling headphones, there’s still a perfect opportunity that noise deserve to distract the player. To sheight this, players will certainly regularly have white noise pumped right into their headphones.

White noise is regularly low-frequency static that allows the cancellation of external noises. Players have the right to play their game and also listen strictly to the white earbuds pumping in the game sounds. This white noise is vital to concentrating just on the game and also not the crowd.

Communication With Teammates

If the big pair of headphones isn’t pumping in white noise, it’s frequently provided to connect through teammates. The big noise-canceling headphones will get rid of all the outside noise while filling the gamer’s ears with teammates’ voices.

This is common among players that don’t play in front of substantial crowds but still want to properly hear the game while making use of a different set of headphones to connect through teammates.

Communication with teammates is essential as they navigate the landscape and also identify opponents. Clear and efficient implies of communication is a have to for groups to be successful. Poor interaction have the right to be the distinction between continuing to be alive and also rotating the zone and also poorly navigating the landscape and also being got rid of.

Clean, clear, and reliable communication is what sets good teams acomponent from good teams.


Two headphones or earbuds are often worn by gamers to minimize the exterior noise. This is regularly brought about by huge crowds or normal distractions (such as parental fees, pets, or friends) in a gaming room.

It’s essential to wear two headphones once competitive gaming so 100% of your emphasis deserve to be toward the game and get rid of distractions.

Two headphones are essential if you’re casually gaming. Ssuggest one set of noise-canceling headphones will certainly perform just fine. We perform recommend, yet, if you’re in a crowded COMPUTER bang or are in an environment wright here 2 headphones are essential, it could not be a bad concept to have white earbuds on you at all times.

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For console gamers, having actually an excellent high quality pair of over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones will perform simply fine when gaming at home.