I"ve noticed this through many dogs, other than Boston Terriers. When you scratch them just in front of their tail, they lick the air and really reap your doing it. I just wonder why they have that reactivity, it"s sort of funny!

Hmmm, the only dog I have checked out execute this was a Boston Terrier. I thing it is SOOO funny! Her name was Ms. Piggy, and she snorted and believed she was "all that" just the the "real" Ms. Piggy! I would certainly guess there is some scientific factor for it, but we all know it is simply cause it feels so good!

It must be one-of-a-kind to individual dogs bereason I"ve had 2 Bosloads and also neither one ever did that, although my initially one would back his butt approximately my hand to ask for scratching! Gus, the one I have currently, just enjoys it and zones out for a few secs.

that is really to funny once you see it, i have heard that it can be a kind of tension release for them, like when we obtain serene and yawn, that is there way of relaxing and so yawning< licking the air!> just an opinion right here. reap your pups!!, i miss out on mine, he,s been gone for 4 yrs. didn,t desire to replace him.

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I"m so sorry you lost your furbaby!
I"ve lost a couple through old age, Hector was 19 and Domino was 13 and also I had actually to aid both of them cross over to await me on the various other side. Oh, it still renders me tear up!After these 2 leave me, I will not gain any type of even more. I"m 54 and also will certainly be around 60 as soon as their little bit bodies provide out and also I don"t think it"s fair to gain a pet and then die before they carry out.

It have to feel good. I have actually a lab and also he does not carry out it but I had actually a cat several years back and she did that same thing. My mom"s cat also does it. I personally assumed it was a cat thing till your discussion.
I simply do not know why they lick the air. Could it be prefer our licking our lips (who does that?!) for something that tastes good?
LOL.. i do not recognize why some execute it..most likely bereason it just feels so great they can"t assist it. my dog doesn"t lick the air yet he does love acquiring his butt scratched. He makes this face that just states "ohhhhhhhh yeah that feels so excellent, do not stop!" lol and if you speak before hes prepared he"ll hit you via his nose and suggest his butt at you.
Hi dragon54u,I suspect this need to have actually something to perform with the marvelous symmeattempt of life.If the butt is some type of warped mirror photo of the dog"s nose, then you could test this by scratching his nose to check out if his tail wags. In that instance, scratching his butt will certainly make his tongue wag.Might also help to explain why they prefer to stick their noses in each other butts.
I"m desperate for my dogs to come earlier in now, so that I have the right to test this out! I have to say I"ve never before noticed it prior to.

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I think they are saying oh yeah that feels excellent. My baby girl is so silly as soon as you scrape her close to her tail. I know that she simply can"t reach it choose I deserve to.