You aren’t enjoying luxurious bubble baths in your cat’s litter box, so why are they doing their service in your tub? The last thing you want once you’re prepared to relax is to find a stinky pile of cat poop. And if it happens when, there’s an excellent opportunity it’s going to happen aget and also again. Some cats poop in the tub on a consistent basis, and also it’s an apparent difficulty for their families. Before you deserve to soptimal the habits and also go ago to enjoying your tub, you must understand why your cat is picking to perform their organization external the litter box.

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What’s So Special About the Tub?


Your cat has actually their own litter box, and accessibility to the whole home. Why then, carry out they pick to poop in the tub? The answer will certainly be various for eextremely cat, yet it helps that the bathroom is commonly a quiet and also secluded room. When a cat is having actually bathroom worries, they could seek out a safe area. Going to the bathroom puts them in a vulnerable place, and also if they’re not in their litter box, they’ll choose one more location wright here they feel safeguarded.

It likewise helps that bathtubs are commonly perfectly clean. If there’s an concern via the litter box (review more around that below) cats will certainly frequently select a space that meets their high standards for cleanliness.

Why Cats Poop in The Tub

There’s Something Wrong with the Litter Box

While training a cat to usage the litter box is generally pretty easy, our feline friends are likewise fussy around wright here and how they go to the bathroom. If the litter box isn’t precisely to their liking, they’ll regularly select another area to get the project done. Unfortunately, that might result in you finding poop in the tub on a weekly or even day-to-day basis.


The first thing to perform as soon as your cat poops or pees somewright here they shouldn’t is examine the litter box. Here’s a straightforward list of litter box problems your cat can be protesting:

It’s full and demands to be cleaned out It has got a irreversible bad smell over time It’s located too cshed to their food or water They don’t choose the kind of litter Somepoint is staying clear of them from entering Your cat has actually grown and also the box is currently too small

Fixing these worries will certainly encourage your cat to speak making use of your tub as their makechange toilet.

They’re Stressed Out

Stress is just one of the many prevalent reasons why cats soptimal utilizing their litter box. You might think your cat resides in full relaxation, however also little changes have the right to stress them out.

A new pet or huguy family member typically causes cats at leastern temporarily stress and anxiety. Other determinants could be somepoint favor a change in the household program, new furniture, or a vet visit. In these situations, addressing the root cause of the stress and anxiety will regularly be enough to obtain their toileting behavior back to normal.


In the meantime, you have the right to fill the tub with a tiny amount of water to discourage your cat from hopping in. It’s also a great concept to always save the bathroom door closed.

They Have a Medical Problem

When a cat poops in the tub, you need to take into consideration the opportunity that they’re not feeling well. If the urge to defecate comes on easily, they might not have time to make it all the method to the litter box. If your bathroom is closer, they can pick to relieve themselves in your tub.

Some cats purposetotally poop and pee either in front of their humans or in a area they understand will certainly gain them attention in order to send a message that they require aid. It’s also feasible that painful constipation has resulted in the cat to make a negative association through the litter box. They’ll seek out various other locations that don’t come through those painful memories.

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If there’s nothing wrong via the litter box, and also you can’t think of a behavior reason for why your cat is selecting to poop in the tub, it’s essential to bring up the issue through your vet. Also take note of any kind of other potential symptoms including a adjust in appetite, lethargy, diarrhea, constipation, or blood in the stool.