Some cats lick themselves or the air when they acquire pets and scratches from people. Let"s discover why this happens.

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Your Cat Might Have an Itch She Can"t Scratch

If you are gently scratching an area of your cat"s body that she can"t reach herself, it might be dirty or itchy because it"s escaped her careful grooming efforts. This happens generally on the rear finish and tail-head areas of cats that are overweight.

When you touch that area, it deserve to create an automatic desire for your cat to groom the spot, but since she can not reach it, she licks at the air or a component of her body that she deserve to reach instead.


Your Cat Might Have a Skin Condition

If your cat has actually frental fees, mites, or allergies that reason itchy skin, your petting can be scratching an itch or resulting in an uncomfortable feeling for her. Her response could be to immediately begin licking, but some cats will certainly also bite or scratch the perboy doing the petting, so be cautious.

Your Cat Might Not Enjoy the Petting

Some cats seem to uncover pets and scratches yielded by a huguy uncomfortable. They may not prefer to be touched all over, or there might be specific parts of their body where they"d quite not get petting.

Other cats have a condition referred to as feline hyperesthesia syndrome, which causes their skin to be extremely sensitive, so a tiny pet or scratch can be painful or very uncomfortable.

Your Cat Might Be Exhibiting Mutual Grooming Behavior

Cats that are friends frequently groom each other concurrently. Your cat"s habits of licking herself or the air as soon as you pet her might be motivated by that mutual grooming desire.

What to Do if Your Cat Licks Herself When You Pet Her

If your cat starts licking herself or the air once you offer her a pet or scrape, have actually her checked out by a veterinarian for skin conditions.


It"s vital to evaluate the rest of your cat"s body language once this behavior occurs. If she shows up otherwise calm and happy, leans into your petting, and looks for it out again as soon as you soptimal, she is probably happy with the means you"re petting her. However before, if she acts upcollection, leans amethod, or moves as though she might bite you, she most likely doesn"t like what you"re doing.

If the actions only happens as soon as you pet a details location, take into consideration whether this can be a spot that your cat can not groom herself. If so, you have the right to brush it for her daily to save it clean and comfortable for her.

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If your cat seems to disfavor being touched in specific spots, stop petting those areas both to respect her comfort and to stop being bitten or scratched.