Candle flame meanings are all about the means the flame burns. The flame becomes the transformative aspect to aid in manifesting your intent. The kinds of flame have actually conventional interpretations that suggest exactly how effective you are.

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Learning How to Interpret Candle Flame Meanings

Many candle definitions come from ancient societies and also techniques, such as the Romans, Babylonians, Greeks, and also Celts. Over the centuries, various religious beliefs, such as Hoodoo rootoccupational espoprovided and added to the candle divination meanings. In reality, many kind of of the candle flame definitions were adopted and also incorporated into plenty of techniques, including Wicca.

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Colored Flames

Not all burn the very same colors. Sometimes, the flame deserve to be blue, red or yellow.


Blue Candle Flame

According to Grove and also Grotto"s The Candle Signs Thesaurus, a blue flame symbolizes the visibility of a heart. This have the right to be an angel, fairy or other very advanced spiritual entity.

Red or Yellow Flame

Grove and Grotto states as soon as a flame burns red or yellow that mundane energy, not spiroutine, is fueling the burn and can likewise be effective.

Tall Strong Flame

This flame bodes well for candle magic or spells. It is solid enough to press with any type of obstacles and also tall sufficient to reach the elevation of objectives and intentions.


Dancing Flame

Grove and also Gotto advise that a sporadically burning flame that dances around is indicative of a spell that has the power to work, yet not without possible troubles. The interpretation relies on other determinants, such as the flame being tall or brief. It can expect resistance; the better the flame jumps, the better the resistance, according to Spiritualists at Initial Botanica.


Flickering Flame

Some believe that a flickering candle flame is announcing the arrival of a soul. Anvarious other typical interpretation is that strong, nearly raw eactivities are associated and also have the right to lead to debates. In A Little Publication of Candle Magic, writer DJ Conmeans describes that a flickering or sputtering candle"s interactions have the right to be construed by the 4 compass points.

North: If the flame flickers toward the north, it"s sassist to be an indication that the reason is a physical one, not from a heart. East: A flame flickering towards the east indicates the psychological part of your spell is working. South: The bfinishing of the flame towards the south demonstprices a good deal of physical power surrounds your intent. West: When the candle flame tilts to the west, it reveals the depth and power of exceptionally solid emovements that are part of the spell occupational.

Sputtering and also Crackling Flame

Conway likewise writes that that a flame that sputters and also crackles can suggest a kind of communication. The intensity of both determines the messaging. Loud crackling and regular sputtering alerts of debates.

Opposing Forces

A noisy and also consistent sputtering flame might indicate that someone or various other forces oppose you. You have the right to light added to carry out greater energy. If the sputtering continues, it"s finest to end your work and also attempt an additional time.

Popping Flame

A flame that produces a popping sound is considered one more develop of negative interaction. The kind of communication is determined by the factor you"re burning the candle and also what it represents. For example, if you"re conducting a defense spell, many type of think the popping sound indicates someone through negative intentions toward you is talking about you or planning somepoint versus you or planning to injury you.

Dual Flames

In Covenattempt Magic with, Oils, and also Herbs, writer Jacki Smith discusses that burn through more than one flame. Aside from the organic physical causes, Smith states that the traditional interpretation of two flames burning from one wick requires 2 energies or power that is reduced in fifty percent.

Two Energies at Work

The most prevalent interpretation for dual flames is the visibility of two energies that are either functioning together or in opposition of each various other. This is determined by the kind of spell being worked, such as a protection spell or a hexing spell. The former would certainly suggest the targeted person is reflecting the hexing magic earlier to the spell worker, while the latter would certainly be a authorize that the 2 have actually joined pressures in the positive intent of defense.

Flame Self-Extinguishes

According to Candle Magic for Beginners: The Simplest Magic You Can Do by Richard Webster, as soon as a flame self-extinguishes, it puts an finish to your work. This deserve to also intend your prayer or spell was received by the heart people. It can suggest that your spell is opposed by either the spirit realm or an individual.


Low Flame

Grove and also Grotto state that a low flame doesn"t have actually the energy to push the intent right into completion. If a low flame is secure, you"re being reminded to be diligent and intend a good result. If the flame weakens, the spell won"t work. If it gradually starts to flourish taller and also more powerful, the energy to bring your spell to fruition has actually been released.

Short Weak Flame

Webster writes that a weak flame will certainly produce weak outcomes. The time sindicate isn"t appropriate. It additionally deserve to indicate the spell is wrong, specifically if it flickers. It could mean that your timing is off, or your spell demands even more occupational before it can be powerful sufficient to complete your intent. Regardmuch less of the reason, a brief weak flame suggests there isn"t sufficient energy to lug your intent right into fact. Jacki Smith advises the flame should be extinguimelted. You deserve to try to strengthen your spell one more time.

Steady Flame

Conmeans states this sort of burn is thought about a positive indication the candle is doing its project. Tright here are strong supportive energies behind the intent.

Fast Burning Candle

Tbelow are 2 different kinds of fast burning Each has a specific definition that can aid you to assess the success of your spellwork-related.

Uneven Fast Burning Candle

A candle that burns unevenly, through one side melting down quicker than the various other suggests your spell wasn"t effectively grounded before you cast it. You"ll must actors the spell one more time. If on your second attempt, the candle as soon as even more burns fast and unevenly, sheight your work-related and also attempt your spell at a later time.

Even Quick Burning Candle

A candle that burns quicker than normal however is an also burn can be a great omen as lengthy as the candle does not have actually any kind of various other unexplained attributes, such as sputtering or popping. When a candle seems to burn out of manage, it deserve to be a symptom that something within your work-related isn"t correct. You need to stop and also repeat your spelljob-related, paying close attention to each action to ensure it"s correct. If your second attempt outcomes in the candle burning evenly yet rapid, consider the spell effective.

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Candle Flames and Interpreting Meanings

Tright here are standard standard meanings for most candle flame habits. You have the right to use these to interpret if your intent for lighting the candle has actually succeeded.

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