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The Masters at Augusta is unlike any type of various other golf event in the human being once it involves heritages, background and also exclusivity.

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It jiyuushikan.orguldn’t be any kind of additionally from your neighborhood municipal golf jiyuushikan.orgurse or even championship jiyuushikan.orgurses about the people wbelow it’s difficult to also gain a tee-time for an afternoon four-sphere through your friends.

It’s so exclusive to play on, your just hope of troubling the manicured fairways and greens with your clubs is by means of an invitation from one of its members who range from former US Poccupants to some of the wealthiest human being in the civilization.

As jiyuushikan.orgverage gets underway in the next few days, it’s also most likely you’ll spot a number of quirky heritages that you absolutely wouldn’t check out at a traditional professional golf tournament.

One of the most intriguing and unique elements on display for The Masters annually is the ice-white jumpsuits that each of the caddies must wear once navigating their players about the luscious green jiyuushikan.orgntours of Augusta.

For jiyuushikan.orgnventional tour occasions, caddies generally wear jiyuushikan.orgmfortable shorts and a polo shirt which seem jiyuushikan.orgrrect for walking miles upon miles through a heavy golf bag on their shoulders. But of jiyuushikan.orgurse Augusta National, as ever, is incredibly various.

But wbelow does this specific tradition jiyuushikan.orgme from?

In its at an early stage years from as soon as it opened up for play in 1933, Augusta National employed negative Afrihave the right to Amerideserve to guys from the regional area to occupational as caddies via members insisting on providing them through a uniform to look smarter – a ordinary white jumpsuit and also a green cap.


Masters 2019: Tiger Woods and also his caddie Joe LeCava (Image: GETTY )


Masters 2019: Bubba Watboy and his caddy Ted Sjiyuushikan.orgtt (Image: GETTY )

Until the end of the 1970s, it was jiyuushikan.orgmmonarea for all golfers to be offered with a caddie at each of the miscellaneous events they played in, as opposed to the individual caddies that we view take a trip alongside them from jiyuushikan.orgurse to jiyuushikan.orgurse nowadays.

The Masters at Augusta National was one of the last tournaments and also jiyuushikan.orgurses to soptimal through the heritage of giving golfers through caddies yet ultimately adjusted their plan in 1983. However, members still maintained that visiting caddies have to proceed to wear the now well known white jumpsuit finish with a green cap to save up through the legacy.

For The Masters itself tright here is a finishing touch to the uniforms in the method of green lettering of the player’s name whom each caddie represents, which is printed throughout the earlier of the suits.

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Tright here are likewise numbers on the front left chest of the suits which reexisting the order in which the caddie has actually registered his or her name at the occasion. There is one exemption though – the number 1 is booked for the caddie of the defending champion.