Mary-Lynne, the 10-month-old baby in a video dubbed “Emotional baby! Too cute!” (watch below) feels her mother’s musically expressed eactivity exceptionally strongly. As her mommy soulfully sings the 1988 Rod Stewart song “My Heart Can’t Tell You No,” Mary-Lynne’s facial expressions move from wide-eyed wonder to scrunch-confronted smiles to streaming tears to what appear to be grimaces.

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Due to the fact that being publimelted on October 18, 2013, the video has actually gone viral through its over 16 million views and also 100,000-plus “likes” (and counting), with many of the YouTube comments consisting of things prefer “cute baby,” and “this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” But via over 3,000 “dislikes,” tbelow are additionally some that urge that the video is “not so cute”; among these is Tere Peman, who comments, “The baby is scared of mom<’s> unexplained voice. he begin to smile once mother appears to soptimal singing.” Pemale, who says in her comment that she is a mom, too, goes on to indicate that the baby is, in fact, “enduring.”

Even the mom, Amanda Leroux, acknowledges this towards the end of the video once she stops singing and also claims to baby Mary-Lynne, “Oh, you feel the pain in the song, yeah honey? Big tears. Are you crying? Oh, you’re crying, monkey. OK, mommy’s done. … It’s simply a song.”

In a Skype interview with The Today Sexactly how on Tuesday, Leroux claims she’s been singing to Mary-Lynne given that she remained in the womb, and also was simply trying to capture video of her baby’s particularly potent emotional response to the song to share via her husband also and also family members (Schlosser, 2013). Her intention was not for the video to go viral, and also she more than likely couldn’t have imagined that multitudes of people would be commenting on what she presents as an intimate minute of bonding via her kid. Such is the nature of social media, though.

And considering the widespcheck out viewing of this video and the mixed, predominately positive responses of those who have watched and commented on it, jiyuushikan.org chose to inspect in through Ruth Wyatt, LCSW and son psychology Topic Expert, to see what she thinks of the video “Emotional Baby, Too Cute!”

A Child Psychology Expert Perspective on ‘Emotional Baby’

Wyatt’s instant response was that Mary-Lynne, although an adorable baby, is not at all happy. “Clearly, this mother is wanting to share somepoint with her daughter. Sharing our feelings via our kids deserve to be a really important means we attach to them,” she says. However, Wyatt adds, “As beautiful and important as it is for us to share our feelings through our kids, we have to understand also wbelow our children are developmentally and also what they deserve to manage.”

Noting how Mary-Lynne smiles when her mother stops singing and also cries when she starts aobtain, Wyatt states, “My feeling is that the baby in some distress and anxiety and that she puzzled by her mother’s singing, thus the change in impact.” She adds, “Perhaps picking up on the sadness of the song or responding to the altered state of the mommy, the baby does not seem to feel safe. My sense is that she wants the calm, soothing mom to return.”

She goes on to say, “Babies have actually no language yet they can feel and also take in the cadence of our voices, our feelings behind our words. I think this mommy simply demands to tune in a little even more to these aspects of her baby and also perhaps conserve the sad songs for once the baby is a little bit older.”

Have you viewed the video? What do you think? Is “emotional baby” cute, or not so cute?


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