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And you believed Rosemary had actually it negative...The Japanese style of wrestling have the right to at times be confronting to the fan that was raised on a diet of WWE or WCW. While the principle of strong style has been mythologised a little by birth promoters and also fans, tright here is still a difference between the puroresu cards of Japan and also the even more... intricate angles run in places prefer Lucha Underground or indeed the WWE.

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Still, despite this emphasis on strong style and also portraying matches as genuine fights, there still needs to be a level of professionalism between the workers. In fact, one could argue with a focus on stiffness this level of trust and also professionalism is also even more essential than it is in areas choose WWE. Due to the fact that as soon as it goes wrong...it ain"t pretty.

But I"m acquiring ahead of myself. Let"s begin by talking around this woguy.


That is Act Yasukawa. It is hard to equate exactly exactly how the Japanese audiences witnessed her as a result of the truth that the heel/confront dynamic tbelow is so different. However, puroresu is based approximately the concepts of perseverance and never offering up. It"s among the reasons that babyencounters are hardly ever ruburned right into championship titles. Since for the Japanese audience it"s more about the journey than the location.

Well, Act Yasukawa had actually an exceptional journey. Her adolescence was rife with obstacles, including being bullied and psychological condition. However before, quickly she joined her High School Drama Club wright here, according to her very own words from an interwatch through Pro Wrestling is Art

I might be anypoint that I wanted to be. I could be the activity hero that I dreamed of. I couldn’t be a samurai in genuine life, but I can be one in film.

Soon an additional obstacle reared up as soon as Yasukawa was diagnosed via Graves" condition, a major thyroid problem. Despite this (and also the reality that once she started training she could not carry out one push-up) a opportunity meeting with wrestler Yuzuki Aikawa witnessed Yasukawa sign up with as component of the training course for joshi wrestling agency Stardom, alongside Kairi Hojo- much better well-known to some as Mae Young Standard Winner Kairi Sane.

Three months later, but, the disease intensified and also Yasukawa"s doctor advised her to sheight wrestling training. The only other choice to obtain cleared for wrestling was to take tablets to obtain her stamina back- the side effects of which might have actually prevented her from ever having actually youngsters. Yasukawa didn"t hesitate and also went with alternative b). However, the illness did execute enough damage to create a huge cataract to send her blind in her best eye. Yasukawa"s response? To wear an eyepatch and incorporate right into her gimmick (she also used to spit rum right into the crowd, wbelow, being a fan favourite, fans would complain that they didn"t acquire showered on).

Little wonder that Yasukawa would shortly be awarded with the Wonder of Stardom championship (the IC title equivalent)- which she held for 234 days- the third longest in the promotion"s history, until she had actually to vacate it because of even more complications via her thyroid, and receiving cataract surgery to repair her appropriate eye. As soon as she was out of the hospital, even prior to she was enabled to train, Yasukawa went back to Stardom to aid sell merchandise to fans, despite no real responsibility to. Her passion was that real.

Which makes the rest of this story all the even more damaging...

Y"check out on February 2second 2015, Act Yasukawa was slated to walk amethod via the World of Stardom title (the optimal title). Yasukawa, that at the moment was in the middle of her second Wonder of Stardom title reign, seemed to finally be able to reach her dream.

If just someone increated her opponent.


That was the present World of Stardom champion Yoshiko. Now, according to many kind of sources, tright here was legit warmth between the two employees coming into the display on that night. What was the root cause has never before (and probably will certainly never be) effectively figured out. Some say that Yoshiko was jealous of Yasukawa"s popularity, despite the fact that Yoshiko was there from the beginning, while others think that Yoshiko resented the booking. On the other hand it can have been somepoint else entirely. What ever before the factor though, it does not excusage what developed on that night.

While I will certainly go with the "highlights" of the enhance right here, I am not going to put a attach to watch it because it is really uncomfortable viewing. From what I have the right to discern at the start, Yasukawa throws a stiff (but worked) punch at Yoshiko before Yoshiko throws one back that"s substantially stiffer. Yasukawa then throws one that isn"t that stiff but lands flush on Yoshiko"s cheek and then it all goes to hell, with Yoshiko forcing Yusukawa into the corner and also landing civil liberties appropriate right into Yasukawa"s confront prior to forcing to her the ground and doing the same.

Finally (after about trying three different approaches, consisting of obtaining Yoshiko in a pseudo-headlock) the ref manperiods to cause some separation, permitting Yasukawa to acquire earlier right into her corner to be treated for what looks choose a damaged nose and also other facial injuries.

At this phase it have to have been clear that the match was sindicate a no go. So why didn"t the ring doctor contact it? Simple, they didn"t have actually one. Just think about that for a second. In arguably the greatest joshi promovement in the nation in a sport wright here human being are compelled to throw and clothesline and land also on each other in the normal set of situations and also you don"t have a ring doctor? So why didn"t the ringside trainer contact it? Or the ref? Or fucking someone who can watch that something was amiss?

Due to the fact that if anything deserve to be gained by Yasukawa"s story, it"s that she wasn"t going to earlier down. And that"s not distinctive. We"ve all heard stories from wrestlers that display they are the least cognisant of their very own welfare once the crowd is baying them on. So what we acquire rather is Yoshiko brawling and smacking Yasukawa all about the head (and also periodically stomping in the back of it for something different) while Yasukawa"s trainer screamed at the ref to execute something and the ref shrugged his shoulders as if to say "well you can throw in the towel".

In the meantime, while everybody via some power is looking uncomfortable without actually doing something Yasukawa was acquiring inflicted through blow after blow after blow. And in the warmth of the moment (and possibly as a result of a substantial concussion) Yasukawa would not ago down. It required someone to actually take some management of the bloody situation and also stop the horrible match that was going on in front of them. Even the crowd as it went on kbrand-new something was substantially wrong as, while they chanted for Yasukawa, tright here is an air of unique discomfort amongst the fans.

Ultimately, but, sanity prevails and after Yasukawa rolls out of the ring after what is yet one more barrage of stiff punches, her trainer throws the towel and also stops the complement (she then proceeds to make her feelings recognized to her foe by racing across the ring at her and also threatening to rip Yoshiko"s hair from its roots through only the various other workers who speak it from obtaining even even more ugly).

The match took a large toll on Yasukawa, through a broken cheekbone, nose and also a broken orbital socket on her appropriate eye- the eye she had surgical procedure on. It would certainly be this particular injury that would certainly pressure her right into retirement- with a three month farewell run culminating in December 2015. Such was her love for the sport and the promotion though that she blogged the next day for her fans urging them not to think badly of the product (she actually had actually to dictate this blog to her mom as her eyes were swollen over at the time and also hence she couldn"t watch the keyboard). The complement itself would certainly quickly be well-known in Japan as Seisan Matchi- Ghastly Match.

Stardom took drastic action complying with this event, stripping Yoshiko of the optimal title and suspfinishing her indefinitely. The President, General Manager and also Head Trainer all then took 30% pay cuts, though Head Trainer and veteran worker Nanae Takahashi probably was unjustly treated, as she wasn"t actually at ringside, yet rather was fined for not training the employees correctly (?). Little wonder that she decided to leave the company quickly after. Furthermore, the promovement chose to employ- shock horror- medical professionals at ringside, while closed fists were clearly banned.

All of this however would not obtain Yasukawa her career back. And that makes me frankly furious. Because this is not a Edge case wbelow a man who had actually a storied career had to retire because of a lot of bumps on the method. It"s also not a Daniel Bryan case where fate has cruelly snatched the man"s future years of greatness ameans from him simply as soon as he got to the apex. It"s not even a Bret Hart case where a botched move or two entirely ends a great career. This is a case wright here a worker determined to go in to hurt rather than to job-related and also as a result another worker was deprived of doing what she loved.

And it wasn"t simply a worker who observed this as a paycheck, prefer a details suplexing gent we can all point out, yet instead someone who witnessed all of this as method to entertain people and also to aid civilization that were going via the exact same psychological illnesses that she was as a teenager. Instead, because of a team of officials who collectively were not prepared to nip a perhaps volatile instance in the bud. And as a result they shed among their a lot of potentially marketable stars. Look at the resolve and also drive of this womale and tell me you do not watch money. Imagine if, favor Kairi Sane, she got the possibility to move to the Perfomance Center. But that"s all we deserve to do- imagine.

Oh, and Yoshiko? Ended up in a pair of MMA fights prior to returning to wrestling under the new Seadlinning promotion. Run by Nanae Takahashi.

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Just ugh...

And that"s post 79 (if you need a lie down after it I"ll understand also...). Next time we move into the mysterious world of the Worked Shoot to try and also make Scott Steiner seem choose a consummate experienced. Can it be done? Well, no- otherwise it wouldn"t be below, but anymethod, see you then!