If you’re a WWE fan, chances are that you know by now that Triple H reduced off his signature locks a pair of weeks earlier. 

As with all the celebrity gossip sites freaked out when Miley Cyrus newly did the exact same, Triple H’s haircut has actually been a substantial topic of conservation in recent weeks. 

Many are talking around it sindicate because they don’t prefer the way that Triple H’s new hairexecute looks. Many, yet, are analyzing what it might intend for the WWE star’s future. 

This likely has a lot to do through some other current haircuts in the wrestling human being. Guys prefer Edge and also The Undertaker freshly chopped off their signature locks, and as an outcome, many fans have started to associate haircuts through retirement from wrestling. 

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After all, Edge cut his hair soon after he reexhausted, and it’s pretty much welcomed that Undertaker shaved his head in part bereason he’s nearing retirement too. 

And currently a new question emerges—Did Triple H cut his hair to foreshadow his retirement storyline, too? 

There seem to be two trains of believed here: Either Triple H chopped off his locks because he’s legitimately reexhausted, or he did so to attempt to occupational the fans and also make them think he’s reworn down. 


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Let’s just totally dismiss the initially one as a possibility because Triple H is not reexhausted. He is among the many achieved WWE stars in history, and also as soon as he legitimately retires, we will certainly watch it coming from a mile amethod. 

So, probably the genuine question should be a wider one: Why did Triple H chop his hair off? I think the answer is two-fold. 

The reason that we fans care many around is that Triple H is playing up his retirement storyline and also most likely setting up for a large return match down the road, more than likely versus Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 29. 

In the past, we’ve checked out superstars go to good lengths to play up their storylines external of the ring, and also that’s specifically what Triple H seems to be doing right here. He cuts his hair off, the not-so-smart fans think he’s reworn down for good, and also then, we’re “surprised” once he retransforms either later on this year or beforehand next year. 

While I applaud the WWE for the effort right here, I don’t understand anyone who’s buying it. Unmuch less you’re salso years old, you can’t possibly think that Triple H is legitimately done for excellent, specifically after seeing his exceptionally obviously scripted “goodbyes” at SummerSlam and also on Raw 2 weeks later. 

Triple H might want us to think he’s calling it quits, however in fact, we know that his hairreduced had actually simply as much to carry out with his career as a WWE executive as it did his in-ring career. 

Yes, chopping off his lucks is an excellent way to obtain the fans talking about his storyline retirement and feud through Lesnar. But in fact, it was more than likely a crucial move for Triple H, the businessguy. 

It’s no secret that “The Game” is progressively however sudepend transitioning to a behind-the-scenes duty in the WWE, and through that role comes most meetings and also various other duties that call for Triple H to look even more favor an executive and much less favor a wrestler. 

In order to make that take place, the locks had actually to go. 

Although this is 2012 and I’m of the idea that someone having actually lengthy hair shouldn’t hinder any sort of business relationship, Triple H and Vince McMahon are a tiny even more old-school than me. Chances are that they think Triple H’s lengthy locks can not have worked in the service world. 

I think that’s a little ridiculous, yet hey, who am I? If Triple H thinks cutting his hair off will aid him perform much better service for the WWE, then by all suggests, he need to carry out it. 

Just don’t suppose us to think that you’re doing this bereason you’re reexhausted from the WWE for excellent, Triple H. We all know that isn’t the case.

Drake Oz is a WWE Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter!