" data-image-caption="I prefer jokes around stationery yet rulers are wright here I draw the line.

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I was told a joke this week by my colleague Helen – but not the very same Helen that came up via Swan Jokes – and so the topic for this week’s one liners is leader jokes. As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…

I choose jokes around stationery but rulers are wright here I attract the line.

How do you acquire right As? Use a ruler.

I got a 3 foot lengthy leader at a yard sale.

Why did the leader pick up his girlfrifinish from work? He was centimetre.

Have you heard the joke about the thirteenager inch ruler? Never mind, it’s also long.

My girlfriend got me a ruler from Smiths. Heaven knows I’m measurable now.

Why did the inches obey the yardstick? He was their ruler.

Why would certainly you take a leader to bed through you? To watch how lengthy you sleep.

Looking for a leader, I asked in the neighborhood shop if they keep stationery. Chap sassist “I move around a bit”.

…and that joke from Helen…

I think it’s around time that ruler manufacturers simply forget about the silly shatterproof claims and also we can all attract a line under it.

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