Ramayana, the epic we have actually been listening to because childhood and also the holy lessons from the life of the legends are eternal. Lord Rama and also his wife Sita, Laxguy and Hanuguy are the heroes we have actually been finding out around given that forever before. We all have a thoturbulent understanding of Ramayana until Rama escapes Sita from the clinches of Ravana, yet what we are much less conscious of is, “What happens to Rama after Sita leaves the earth?”

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It’s not the Valmiki Ramayana, yet the Padma Purana which sheds light on the means Rama’s life finished.

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An Ideal King – Rama performs many yajnas for the advantage of the civilization of Ayodhya, who already think of their king as the ideal king ever.

Lava and also Kusha: After Sita left, Lord Rama groomed his sons Lava and Kusha in a manner to host important places in the kingdom.

Kala Deva fulfill Lord Rama: Kala Deva concerned satisfy Lord Rama disguising himself as sage. He asked for a exclusive meeting over an essential matter however likewise elevated a problem that whoever disrupts the meeting shall be beheaded. Lord Rama agreed and also asked his brvarious other Lakshmana to guard the door.

Sage Durvasa: Kala Deva reminded Lord Rama of his time being over on Earth and that he have to leave through him. However before, Lord Rama was bound by the love and also devotion of Hanuguy. At the same time, Sage Durvasa involved accomplish Lord Rama.

Sage Durvasa threatens to curse Lord Rama: Bound by the condition, Lakshmana asked him to wait which enraged Sage Durvasa and also he intimidated to curse Lord Rama. Lakshmana might not bear that and also chose to let Durvasa in, thereby taking the after-effects on himself.

Lakshmana Decides To Leave: Somehow, Lakshmana realizes that this situation was the hint to him to take a final method out. Indeed, he procedures right into the Sarayu river and also takes the develop of Ananta Sesha(many-headed serpent), the many-headed serpent.

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Lord Rama Surrenders: After Lakshmana left, Lord Rama also surrendered himself in River Sarayu and also went to Vaikuntha.


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