When longtime broadcast journalist Shepard Smith made his sudden exit from Fox News in the middle of his multi-year contract in 2019, viewers were more than a small shocked. Shepard had actually been via the outlet for even more than 2 decades, coming onto the network-related in 1996.

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When he broke the news to his viewers, the only explanation he offered was that the “fact will certainly constantly issue,” and sassist he probably wouldn't be reporting in other places in the prompt future.

But why did Shepard really leave Fox?

Just prior to Shepard made his leave from Fox News, it was becoming increasingly clear that the outlet favored analytic coverage and pundits over directly news, something Shepard openly valued. This was partly why his segment, Shepard Smith Reporting, was eventually puburned as much as the 3 p.m. time slot.


Some speculated that Shepard was leaving after a vocal spat through among the network's other well-known faces, Tucker Carlson. The pundit had brought on a guest that openly criticized one of the analysts Shepard had actually featured on his show, and according to AP News, Shepard criticized his co-worker for the strike.

Even sitting president Donald Trump criticized the anchor, calling him the network's "lowest rated."

Despite this, Shepard clarified that it was not his colleagues' criticisms that led to his decision to leave.

“I had actually felt choose it was time for a brand-new difficulty for a lengthy time," he shelp, according to the outlet. "Nothing around any kind of talent, any kind of on-air civilization at that location, pushed me out the door.”

Ala lot of a totality year after his sudden exit, Shepard is earlier to reporting the news, this time through CNBC.

According to AP News, Shepard had constantly valued right news even before his sudden leave from Fox, and also was grateful to discover an outlet wbelow he would be able to focus on the content he valued.

“We’re going to come out and carry out just the news,” he told AP News. “We’re not planning to perform any type of analysis in our news hour. We’re going to have journalists, reporters, sound and video. We’re going to have newsequipments and also specialists ... yet no pundits. We’re going to leave the opinion to others. It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting to execute. It’s what I’ve been functioning at for 30 years.”


When Shepard left Fox, he allegedly signed a non-complete, meaning he wouldn't have the ability to report for a completing outlet for a duration of time after the move. He allegedly had actually other netfunctions courting him for a contract, yet CNBC's offer fit best.

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“My feeling was that it was not an obvious, typical move for him,” CNBC Chairman Mark Hoffguy told AP News. “But at the very same time I felt we had actually a concept we had been reasoning around for a variety of years that simply might fit his interests. It just so happened that it was, item for item, specifically what Shep was looking for.”

Now, you have the right to watch Shepard on The News via Shepard Smith, weeknights at 7 p.m. EST on CNBC.

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