Profession: Gamer
Date of birth: Oct 28, 1987
Age: 33
Net worth: 5 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place: Massachusetts
Height (m): 1.93
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Single

Rob Dyke (aka, Rob Gavagan) is an Amerihave the right to Youtuber and internet personality that is famed as ‘turtlekin’. He increased to fame via the renowned 2 internet series; ‘Seriously Strange’ and ‘Why Would You Placed That on the Internet’.

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The YouTuber created his channel in September 2012, wbelow he began to upload videos, mostly comedies favor PewDiePie. Everypoint changed for Rob when he showed up in the video of YouTube star ‘Househost Hacker’. In addition, he recently has actually adjusted his last name from Dyke to Gavagan which he has announced on his Twitter account.


Caption: Rob Dyke, a renowned internet personality commonly well-known as ‘turtlekin’.Source: nailbuzz

Rob Dyke: Bio, Family, Education

Rob was born on 28 October 1987 in Massachusetts, the United States of America. Tbelow isn’t much information on his parents and siblings. However, he has actually revealed he belongs to the ethnicity of Caucasian.

Looking at his education and learning, he joined Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, Massachusetts to pursue the examine of criminal justice. Also, he has derived his GED in 2008.

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Rob Dyke: Profession & Achievements

Dyke didn’t begin his career as an internet personality. Before that, after getting a level, he worked as a private investigator, Executive Protection specialist and counselor for sexual offenders also. Then, he took the decision of creating a Youtube channel after being featured on the Bob YouTube Channel.

Then he introduced his Youtube channel under his name in 2012. His channel attributes web series like ‘Why Would You Placed That on the Internet’. The series is just one of the a lot of increasing videos on the internet. It is around the entries where he takes the videos from his fans which he gets roughly 100 videos eexceptionally week.

Other famous series in his channel is ‘Seriously Strange’ which is functions the scary, disturbing, and also bizarre topics. Additional, it has subseries: Serial Killer Files, Twisted Tens and also Caught on Camera. After gaining popularity, now, he has actually other channels choose the Zombie Horse and also Your New Best Friend. The channels sketch videos like gaming, comedy, and also vlogging.

Rob Dyke: Personal Life & Wife

His followers should be wondering about his partnership condition. Well, he should more than likely not married at the minute. As he has actually not revealed any type of indevelopment on his personal life and also love life also. Thus, 32-years-old Youtuber appears exceptionally much secretive once it pertains to speaking about his exclusive life. So, he likely to considered to be single at the moment.

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In addition, he presently has actually readjusted his surname to ‘Gavagan’, however, the factor behind it has not been cleared yet. But according to some resources, it is thought that he is compelled to change his last name.