This is just a guess. Ratings. They dropped a relatively no name actress for Candace Bergen. They dropped a fairly no name actress that played an assistant for Betty White to play an assistant. Who knows what the thinking was after Seakid 1.

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Well, Betty White's character had actually showed up on the Practice and also had establiburned that she'd been familiar through James Spader's character for years before that.

Tright here are a few answers, so it can be excellent to take them each in turn:

Lake Bell - She was available the lead role on an upcoming NBC series (that finished up cancelled after one season)

Monica Potter - Chose to leave rather than accept a smaller salary.

Rhona Mitra - Storyline finimelted up. Also was busy scheduling film job-related.

Ryan Michelle Bathe & Justin Mentell - Their characters were extremely unrenowned with the viewers and also were quietly dropped.

Craig Bierko - Character was unrenowned, and also mostly operated on Broadmethod.

Julie Bowen - Dropped for cost cutting

Mark Valley - See above

Constance Zimmer - See above

Rene Auberjonois - Demoted from consistent to recurring. Preferred this choice due to other projects.

Gary Anthony Williams - Writers ran out of points to carry out via the character.

Saffron Burrows - Storyline ran its course.

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Taraji P. Henkid - Film career started taking off.

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