Have you ever wondered what successful human being know that you don"t? For over two decades, I have actually functioned via people to assist clarify what keeps them stuck or struggling and also relocate them forward in ways they never believed feasible. Challenge Your Thinking Podactors is a organic outexpansion of my practice which is around helping you to find ways to get over obstacles or obstacles that stand also in your method. If you are interested in making significant shifts in your life, business or relationships let"s talk.

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This week’s guest is an extrasimple woguy who has actually chased down extraordinary adendeavor. Barbara Jenkins, alongside her previous husband also Peter, co-wrote the New York Times best-sellers Walk Across America and The Walk West, which chronicled their journey as they walked across the United States ago in the 1970s. Their walk was featured in National Geographic, and their books remajor on analysis lists in public colleges across the country.

We gain a glimpse right into the story behind the stories, and also the wisdom that Barbara has gathered along the means. Barbara has challenged countless difficulties throughout her life: being hit by a vehicle, walking pregnant across the Cascades in a blizzard, and then eventually increasing three children as a single parent while navigating a composing career on her own.

Barbara’s story of resilience, extraplain adundertaking, empowerment, and also perseverance is a reminder that struggle is necessary to development and learning. If you have ever been challenged via a crossroads in your life–the alternative of whether to risk or organize ago in fear, then you are familiar via the struggle to say “yes” to what is in front of you.

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Long after the walk was over, Barbara continued to increase up to the obstacles in her life through the braincredibly she wishes eexceptionally young woman will exude in their own resides. We hope you will sign up with us for this week’s episode to hear just how Barbara’s story reflects us that:

What can feel favor a career drought at the moment could actually be an opportunity to construct patience and resilience right into our livesIf we truly have actually a passion, it will certainly save calling to us even if we’re not always able to dedicate as much of ourselves as we would likeAfter one door closes, one more door will open up in due time if we’re willing to store our heads up and keep doing the workIt is even more exhausting to live via clenched fists than open handsWhen things don’t go our method, (and, it’s life…it won’t always go our way) it’s in our finest interemainder to let go of the resentment and learn to think and trust that our gifts will inevitably make room for us somewhere else

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