So I was looking at this question: Did Obi-Wan should sacrifice himself to Vader?

And it emerged to me... did Vader actually kill Obi-Wan?

At the finish of the fight, Obi-Wan lifts his lightsaber and closes his eyes, clearly preparing himself to become one via the Force. Then Vader swings his lightsaber, and also it passes with Obi-Wan"s unexpectedly empty clothing.

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Watching carefully, it looks exceptionally a lot choose Obi-Wan gives himself to the Force simply before Vader strikes. Therefore, and also with the visuals of Yoda"s death, it looks choose Vader never before actually killed Obi-Wan.

Here"s the fight:

Has this been debated officially? Has Lucas or one more resource said that Obi-Wan did not die as a straight outcome of Vader"s strike?

Answers from canon, legends, or Lucas wanted please.

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Ben appears to have ascended right into the Force before the fatal blow struck. In brief, there sindicate wasn"t time for him to have passed away (as an outcome of Vader"s stroke) prior to his body disshowed up.

Ben looked over, the troopers’ method catching his attention. Thenhe looked previous them. To where Luke was standing, dumbstruck. To Han.Han couldn’t be sure—the old male was simply also far away—however he thoughtBen can have given him a nod just before he turned back to faceDarth Vader. Ben attracted his blade in and also made no initiative to stopVader’s lightsaber from slashing via him.

But instead of his body falling to pieces, an empty cloak fell to theground. It was prefer the old man had actually just…disshowed up. One last magictrick.

Star Wars: A New Hope the Princess, the Scoundrel, and also the Farm Boy

This is shown in the film"s "Classic" adaptation.

Just then Obi-Wan Kenobi turned his head. He appeared to be lookingright at Luke. A smile was on his confront. This was Vader’s possibility.With the rate of light he slaburned at Ben. The blow must have cutthe old male in fifty percent. It sliced ideal via his robe. But the Jediwas gone.

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Tright here was nopoint left of him. Just two pieces of clothlying on the floor.