“Hey, what's up everyone. It's Bryan—the the majority of hated perboy on the internet,” claims scene personality Bryan Stars in an apology video, following controversy bordering his collaborative YouTube series“My Digital Escape” (MDE).

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After MDE 1.0 referred to as it quits in May of this year, Stars planned to re-launch the channel, spurring a clash between himself and also the previous MDE partners. On Oct. 3, Stars released an apology because he, in his words, “fucked up.”

Check it out below, along with an overview of information from the case.

Due to are afraid of legal activity, members of MDE 1.0 were guarded in their responses to the reboot.

Shannon Taylor was the many outspoken in her response, despite claiming that she has been intimidated to be sued by Stars multiple times.

She clintends that functioning under Stars was favor “functioning for a factory” wright here she discovered “no enjoyment.”

“Tbelow was queerbaiting, there was hypersexualised videos… Tbelow was offering suicide,” states Taylor.

Taylor, a victim of sex-related abusage, pointed out that tright here were videos in which she was slapped with a sex toy and states she felt extremely uncomfortable through the hyper-sexualized videos.

“Our audience is a bunch of 12 to 15 year old girls wright here they need to not be exposed to this form of content,” claims Taylor.

Another whistle-blower was Damon “DeeFizzy,” that was not a component of MDE, yet is a popular YouTuber that has operated with Stars in the previous.

Stars interviewed DeeFizzy in 2013, which he referred to as “the a lot of uncomfortable suffer of entire life.” You can watch why at the 3-minute mark of DeeFizzy’s video as soon as Stars asks Fizzy to reenact a rape via him.

Other MDE 1.0 members, which includeJohnnie Guilbert, Alex Dorame and Jeydon Wale (newly removed), posted their own videos in responses to the case.

Kyle David Hall did not generally comment, just tweeting, “It has no result on me. With or without MDE 2.0 I'll still be the same perkid. No even more MDE inquiries or tags please.”

Jordan Sweeto, who's in the middle of fostering his first full-size album, said on Twitter, “The MDE channel will lastly be left alone and laid to rest. I'm happy to view that human being were able to step up and execute the right thing.”

MDE partners aren't the just ones who were outspoken in the case.

The Word Alive frontman, Telle Smith, took to Twitter last week and also compared Stars to Donald Trump, alluding to the controversy and saying “Idk who is worse… Trump or
BryanStars. Neither have friends. Both only care around money. Both usage others.”

Idk who is worse… Trump or
BryanStars. Neither have actually friends. Both only treatment around money. Both usage others.

You must be ashamed Bryan…

tellesmith) September 27, 2016

Other YouTube personality Jarrod Alonge posted a video of his own satirical commentary on the “scandal,” stating “I have actually better points to carry out through my time,” in a 2 second video.

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