Loren Gray and Flamingeos (Juwany type of Roman) have actually officially confirmed their breakup complying with a stormy few weeks.

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Update: Loren CRIED and revealed why she REALLY damaged up through Geo.

#Leo formerly evidenced they were dating ago in September. Their whirlwind romance also contained a recent romantic pilgrimage for two to Puerto Rico. But it’s anywhere now.

Loren’s previous boyfrifinish was ex Joey Kisluk, and also they break-up ago in June.

Geo & girlfriend Loren split up officially. (Photo: Instagram)

Loren & Geo Reveal That They Broke Up

In spite of denying their breakup earlier this week, Loren and also Geo ultimately spilled the fact. “We are not together anyeven more,” they tweeted today. Geo shelp that Loren “still had actually a area in his heart” and asked fans to be expertise.



Loren also apologized for potentially disappointing her fans. “It is for the ideal,” she repetitive.


However before, Loren showed up more celebratory than Geo around the breakup – judging by her recent Twitter likes. She preferred a tweet that branded Geo a “negative influence”.


She also believed that she “deoffered better” than Geo. Loren likewise preferred some tweets that argued she thought he was utilizing her for followers.


Why Did Loren Break up With Geo?

As of creating, neither party has officially evidenced why they break-up. Update: Loren confirmed why she really damaged up via Geo in an emotional video.

She formerly split with ex Joey due to her “busy schedule”.

Loren Gray & boyfriend Flamingeos share a passionate kiss at a park. (Photo: Instagram)

This time approximately, fans think Loren had enough of Geo being “controlling” and dictating what she could and might not do. Geo is regularly accsupplied by fans of being a “regulating boyfriend” who only wanted Loren to hang out with certain people. He when tweeted Mark Thomas to “be careful” after he tweeted a friendly message to Loren.

Additionally, Geo has actually also been a controversial number in the last few weeks. He has actually gotten right into multiple physical fights entailing police. He was likewise accprovided of body-shaming and leaked BabyAriel’s trick Instagram to the people, upestablishing her and causing multiple Twitter fights. If you missed that, it’s in the video listed below.

Loren as soon as even insinuated that Geo was “utilizing her for fame”.

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Earlier, Geo Broke Dvery own in Tears Over His Controversies

Earlier this week, Flamingeos CRIED throughout a live stream after mirroring on the drama he caused during the last few months. Did all the drama end up being TOO much for his (ex) girlfrifinish Loren?

Juwany kind of confirmed that he was absolutely a “jealous” boyfrifinish. “I am the jealous kind. It is just bereason I care. Tright here are particular civilization I do not desire her to be surrounded by because I know from previous experiences through them. They know who they are.”

Devastating. Geo couldn’t contain his emovements. (Photo: Instagram)

“A lot of world hate me, however they do not know that f****** I am! They simply understand me from drama and s*** I have actually done prior to. For the poor things.”

“I am recognized for utilizing Loren for followers. I am well-known for body-shaming. I am recognized for being a fake friend.”

“All of this f****** started as soon as I f****** leaked Ariel’s personal Instagram. Which I f****** apologized for! I sincerely apologized. I took the video dvery own. You still obtained me blocked on Twitter and also Instagram. I am sorry.”

In Love! Loren & boyfriend Geo stare at each other while in a pool. (Photo: Instagram)

“F****** Weston , yo. Almeans resulting in difficulties via me. For no noticeable factor.

Loren Beech hugs (ex) boyfrifinish Juwany type of from behind. (Photo: Instagram)

“When your boyfrifinish was with a girl that he has actually kissed before… would you get mad?”