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I have spent the last few days watching Land also Girls, between sleeping off this damn cold. I ask you, in what human being are Liam Garrigan and Gwilym Lee the same person?

And what happened to Billy? Did he survive the war?

Did Annie and also Harry divorce? Did she go earlier to him? Or did she break his heart and take off via Adam?

What around Doctor Channing? Did Lady Hoxley find out he was a German collaborator? I hope she did and also I hope she kicked his ass out.

Also, Mr. Storrey. did he ever come ago for Iris? Probably not, the coward.

I carry out hope Esther’s husband also came residence, if he didn’t then I desire to think she and also Farmer Finch made a decision to say fuck it and got together. He was so great to her and Martin.

land also girls bbc land also girls gwilym lee liam garrigan they look nopoint alike it bothers me
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Mar 1nine, 2019
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#gwilym lee #land also girls #bbc land girls #liam garrigan #they look nopoint afavor #it bothers me

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Anonymous asked:

That shirt bothers me because it"s buttoned all the way up and also I don"t think I"ve ever seen him through a button dvery own, that"s buttoned all the method up. Like let that chest hair breathe!!! Okay that last component possibly for my own self reasons. I favor chest hair, lol.

jiyuushikan.org answered:

It looks prefer it is too tight roughly the neck and also it threatening his air supply. Yikes, baby, no loosen that optimal switch. Over all, it is simply a bad shirt. The print, colour, the style ick. But you’re appropriate, I favor Jai’s furry chest and it have to be viewed. Some men rocks the chest hair means much better than others, Jai is one of them. Just look at just how sexy it can be!




Tbelow have to be a Jai Chia Pet.

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That is a splendid idea! It deserve to come through the alternative to thrive facial and also chest hair. I’ll take two please.

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The shirt irrationally bothers me, however have the right to we talk around how excellent it makes his currently remarkable arms look!?

Source: graphiccreativ holy look at dem guns yeow
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