More than a band also. More than a display. Tip into the human being of Steam Powered Giraffe.

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Steam Powered Giraffe is a musical project from San Diego, California. It was created in 2008 by twin siblings David Michael Bennett and also Isabella “Bunny” Bennett. Together, along with a cast and also crew filled with theatrical backgrounds, the team takes on the guise of singing antique automatons and the fictional robotics agency that made them.

The quirky act combines comedic sketches, improvised android banter, and also original music foffered through multimedia visuals, billowing vapor effects, and robot pantomime.

From their heartwarming nostalgic melodies to their funky cabaret rock, Steam Powered Giraffe’s songs are memorable, transmittable, and as distinct as the robots themselves.

More than just a band also, Steam Powered Giraffe is an suffer that must be watched and also heard by the entire family members.

Photo by greyloch

The artists behind the robots started street busking as these quirky characters in January 2008 at Balboa Park, The golden state, and instantly attracted the attention of Southern The golden state. Because then they’ve perdeveloped at such venues as The San Diego Fair, The San Diego Zoo, The Wild Animal Park, Legoland also, Ontario Mills, and countless Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and also Steampunk Conventions.

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Steam Powered Giraffe is proudly endorsed by Höfner.

The group provides a black Höfner H500/1-CT Contemporary Series Violin Bass Guitar through a tradition painted red pickguard and also knob plate. The bass guitar deserve to be checked out and also heard being played by Hatchworth and also The Spine in the time of live phase mirrors.


Perdeveloped by Isabella “Bunny” Bennett


RabbitBuilt: 1896Style: SteampunkInstruments: Melodica, AccordionFeatures: Victorian gear-pushed electric motors, kinetic projectile chambers, antique pshort article accelerator lens deviceBio:

In 1896, Peter Alexander Wtransform built his first humanoid robot. Rablittle bit was made via a copper exterior, and ran off of a new create of energy: Blue Matter.

Rablittle wasn’t always a girl robot though. For the longest time the robot was just one more one of the guys. An incomplete skeletal copper Victorian guy. Or so everyone thought.

The name Rabbit comes once the bot was simply a curious head on Walter’s table. Having simply made the world’s initially synthetic intelligence, Peter Walter was excited to discover the robot’s abilities. He pointed to a lab pet in a cage, and said; “Rablittle.”

“Raa-bit,” the robot said.

Peter was so astonished and also delighted when the robot repeated the word back to him, that he pointed at other things in the lab, wondering if he can teach it even more words. But all the robot would certainly say all night was Rablittle, and also that’s how she obtained her name.

Rablittle bit went on to fight versus Becile’s copper elephants in 1897, outfitted via a protoform blue issue laser lens range, a Gatling Gun attachment, and also a collapsible buzz observed. Rabbit’s combat background likewise spans WWI, WWII, and the Vietnam battle.

Many kind of years later, at the begin of the new year in 2014, Rablittle bit started going more haywire. Fearing a blue-matter leak, Peter Wtransform VI saw repair the mysterous inner wormonarchs by referencing a previously thought shed blueprint of Rabbit.

Much to the Walter’s surprise, Peter Wtransform the First always intended Rabbit to be a girl however never completed her as a result of the battle that broke out between him and also his rival inventor way back once.

Peter Wtransform VI addressed Rablittle bit finest he might, ultimately finishing the job on the infinish automaton girl.

As a musician, Rablittle plays the keytar and also accordion.

Rablittle is a well-intentioned robot, yet she is susceptible to the most malfeatures because of her archaic interiors. Unfavor many of the other robot musicians, Rablittle bit still possesses many of her Victorian parts, which provides her quite clumsy. She is constantly making puns, and her favorite activity outside of entertaining is feeding the ducks at the Wtransform Cemetery.
Perprevious Info
Isabella “Bunny” BennettBorn: October 7, 1986, San Diego, CaliforniaHeight: 6′ 1″Eye Color: HazelHair Color: Dirty BlondeBio:

Isabella “Bunny” Bennett is the transgender similar twin of David Bennett. She is a mime, actor, graphic designer, and illustrator.

Her interests include movies, monsters, dinosaurs, art, and also theatrical makeup.

Her artistic inspirations incorporate Dali, Burne Hogarth, and Leonarcarry out DaVinci.

When Bunny was a son she would certainly draw continuously, and also wanted to be a cartoonist once she prospered up.

Almethods very imagiindigenous together with her brvarious other, she would come up through quirky stories and personalities and also expush them through drawings and also little bit comic publications she would make.

In high institution she joined the drama department after seeing her brother in a play, and also graduated with honors.From high college she attended the Art Institute of California, majoring in Game Art and also Design, however as the first year curriculum went on, she dropped out, foreseeing a stale career of drawing muscular men and rendering footround players. She wasn’t encouraged it would be a job wright here her creativity could wander and openly grow.

She as soon as aobtain dabbled in acting, however this time at Grossmont Community College, wright here she took Jerry Hager’s mime course together with Jon Sprague and also Erin Burke. She urged her brother to take it via her the adhering to year, and having found enjoyment doing pantomime, the four of them took it a third year too, spawning the Steam Powered Giraffe act.

Today, as soon as not being a robot, Bunny illustrates in her complimentary time and also functions on other imaginative endevors.

Instances of her art have the right to be checked out at the adhering to link:
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The Spine

Percreated by David Michael Bennett


The SpineBuilt: 1896Style: Futurism Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Keys, MandolinFeatures: Titanium alloy spinal column, blue issue ray projector arrays, tesla coil high voltage dischargerBio:

The Spine, choose his fellow Steam Powered Giraffe band also members, was produced in 1896 by an inventor named Peter A. Walter, to be featured at the Cavalcadium’s clinical convention.

The Spine was originally developed through a spinal column made up of smokestacks similar to a locomotive, hence he was appropriately named The Spine. In 1955, the US government invested numerous dollars into upgrading The Spine. Therein he got a brand brand-new titanium alloy spine, and also a multitude of extremely classified tools.

Along with his weapon upgrade, The Spine obtained new adaptive programming. Instead of being an old fashioned automaton, The Spine was reprogrammed and redesigned to even more very closely represent a humale. This way, he might serve Uncle Sam by percreating special ops goals as their number one ‘guy’, without any kind of huguy resides being put in hazard.

The upgrades were a success technically speaking; however, they weren’t put to good use in Vietnam, wbelow guerrilla warfare overpowered all of Walter’s robots- consisting of The Spine.

Despite a background of battle, The Spine does not like violence, also in the company of his nation. He, in addition to the remainder of the Wchange automatons have actually downloaded a vow of tranquility considering that Vietnam, and also will not use their tools.

As a musician, The Spine plays the acoustic guitar, the bass, keys, and also the mandolin.

The Spine is a stoic automaton, and also often plays the directly man in the trio of robot musicians. The Spine tries the most to fit in and also be humale about organic firm, yet spends most of his time interdealing with with the Walter’s in-residence computer netoccupational via The Hevery one of Wires.
Perprevious Info
David Michael BennettBorn: October 7, 1986, San Diego, CaliforniaHeight: 6′ 3″Eye Color: HazelHair Color: Black (Naturally Dirty Blonde)Bio:

David Bennett was born the eldest brvarious other to his similar twin, Isabella Bennett (AKA Rabbit). He is exactly one minute older than his sister and has no other siblings. David’s childhood provided him enough room to let his creative juices circulation and develop. Drawing, plastic version structure, computer system programming, and taking technology apart and also putting it earlier together again were all staples of his childhood.

In high institution he worked in the direction of his A+ Certification in computer systems and also looked in the direction of ending up being an IT Technician. A divorce in between his paleas turned David’s life upside down in the time of his Junior year, at which point he joined the drama department, started to learn just how to play guitar, and made brand-new friends.

David graduated high college via honors and some institution plays under his belt. He immediately got a task working as a Documents Entry personnel at his father’s work-related and also began going to Grossmont College. David auditioned for productions at the college and began to take a multitude of general education and learning classes and Theatre Arts classes. David’s job as a File Entry personnel changed to that of an IT Technician, Graphic Designer, and Publish Operator as soon as his and also his sister’s already occurred art & technological abilities ended up being realized by the company.

David met his future mime instructor Jerry Hager for the initially time once he took his Beginning Acting class in college. David knew of Jerry’s “miming” down at Seaport Village and also even saw his professor a few times while he was perdeveloping. It wasn’t until his sister Isabella took Jerry’s mime course, and also recommfinish that he take it with her aobtain the adhering to year, that David was introduced to the beauty of the art of mime and also activity.

Steam Powered Giraffe began in the time of his college years with his sister and some other friends that were interested at the moment. He wanted to incorpoprice playing music into the robot act practically immediately in conceptual stages.

David is presently percreating and also functioning with Steam Powered Giraffe full-time.He manperiods the band’s present contracts, store, and merchandise shipping with fellow band also member Chelsea Penyak, and handles the audit and finances too.He additionally provides his voice and crucial abilities to the band’s albums and also he serves as the band’s recording engineer, mixing all of the final mixes for their albums.
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Perdeveloped by Bryan Barbarin


ZeroBuilt: 1896Style: SwingInstruments: Bass, PianoFeatures: Projectile grappling spear and hook with retractable chain, protokind beam arrays, and also advanced pneumatic hydraulic systemsBio:

Beautiful were the units Peter A. Wchange I emerged for robotic movement, and diabolical was the arsenal of tools he outfitted his mechano-males with. To fight in the excellent robot battle of 1896, they all were equipped with a multitude of claws, chains, chisels, warmth rays, death rays, gatling guns, machine saws, cannons, and Tesla coil electric dischargers.Miles underneath his manor in San Diego, The golden state, Peter had actually arisen and tested these dangerous tools, and also once occupational was almost complete on fashioning his robot army, he did not leave any kind of of his sources untapped.Prototype-0 was the hastily fprovided together stays of all the prototype units Peter had actually emerged. From three infinish robots Peter forged the mighty automaton of tremendous strength and resilience. “Zero,” as he ended up being recognized, was also able to fell among Becile’s mechanical elephants all by himself utilizing his grappling hook chain system.Zero was an indisputable asset in battle, but as soon as Peter’s developments were refashioned for their original objective of entertainment after the battle, he was abandoned in the facility of his inception far beneath Walter Manor.For practically a a century the automaton’s core powered the extremely sub-levels of the Wtransform family’s workshop, and he was all however forobtained dvery own in the depths till Beebop noticed the robot’s existence in 1992 while searching the archives in maintenance. He happily powered Zero on and also the 2 of them became excellent friends, enjoying old documents and films that had actually been stashed in the abandoned facility.

Over the years Zero became infatuated via the miscellaneous Motvery own records stored down with him, and he soaked up the material with much gusto.In 2008, while trial and error out his brand-new rocket elevator, Peter Walter V was enchanted by a gorgeous voice emanating from one of the lowest decks of the Wchange workshops. When he stumbled upon Zero, he knew he had to reconstruct the robot for entertainment, and also for this reason the musical tradition of Zero’s career was born.It wasn’t lengthy after joining the band also that Zero came to be “the face” of Steam Powered Giraffe. He skyrocketed right into popularity until in 2012, he left the band for a solo career under a completing label. The Walter household lost the civil liberties to Zero’s likeness and voice and also he had actually to be edited out of all previous product.Zero’s fame and riches soared as a solo musician. He even had actually his own fact TV display, “Zero’s House” and a sugary breakrapid cereal, “Zer-e-Os.” But his success was short lived when a bad investment left the robot millionaire pennimuch less. Zero wanted to invest his income right into love, however was unmindful that love only existed as a feeling and was not somepoint that you can buy stock in.In 2015, Zero released his biography, “How I Lost All My Money By Investing in an Abstract Concept.” It just offered one copy.Bankrupt and damaged, Zero went back residence to Walter Manor through the only possession left in his name: A yacht called “Floaty Time.” After repaving the roads and driveway Zero tore up while dragging a watercraft through the roadways, Peter Wtransform VI was approached by Hatchworth, that observed this as the perfect opportunity to go and also go after his primary passion of ‘gold-fishing.’While uncertain what that also was, Peter and the robots waved goodbye to Hatchworth and welcomed Zero earlier into the act for the year 2017.Zero’s popularity may quickly be on the increase, as over two civilization liked his photo currently on Facebook. Today the wamelted up super-star enjoys hanging via his favorite disembopassed away robot head Beebop and also watching soft serve ice cream melt on a hot day.

Perprevious Info
Bryan D. BarbarinBorn: June 15, 1987, San Diego, CaliforniaHeight: 5′ 10″?Eye Color: BrownHair Color: BlackBio:

Bryan Barbarin is the youngest and loudest of 5 siblings. At a young age he uncovered his heart on the phase, (Don’t concern the heart was fine once he bruburned it off) and also because then he has actually dedicated his life to the percreating arts…type of.

After solidifying his love for the theatre in high institution, Bryan moved on to Grossmont College where he met the Bennetts. Not only did they perform in a number of reflects together, as well as begin their own improv group together, they also all took mime from the well known Jerry Hager. After watching the Bennetts brilliantly display their abilities in class Bryan made a decision that maybe he have to go one more route. He began functioning professionally for many of the theaters approximately San Diego including; Lamb’s Players Theatre, Cygnet, San Diego Rep, National Comedy Theatre, SDMT, and also New Village Arts.

After achieving modeprice success and also producing many kind of lifelong friend/family members in the SD theatre Community, Bryan relocated on to play through The Routine. The Routine is a brotherhood of musicians created from the ashes to radiate a fire of funk and also soul that will spreview love throughout this earth. This sparked up his love for performing music so once he obtained an opportunity to reunite with Bennetts in that capacity, he couldn’t rotate it down. He couldn’t be happier to be part of the SPG family!

You can check out Bryan through The Routine here:

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Wchange Worker Chelsea

Percreated by Chelsea Penyak



At Walter Robotics we take eextremely precaution via our highly incomprehensible innovation. We sfinish a minimum of 2 Walter Blue Matter Engineer to eexceptionally present that our robots percreate at!

Introducing, the Walter Workers!

Being a Walter Worker takes months and also months of considerable training to hone a devoted affinity towards blue issue itself. Even though malfeatures are (mostly) non-existent with the performances, the Walter Workers are constantly on the job to make sure the robots’ machinery is working in optimal order.

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What’s via the blue hair and also pale skin? Well, we don’t know. But we’re sure it has nothing to perform with functioning generally with blue issue cores. Honest!

So don’t worry! You’re in good hands folks! And many of our Wchange Blue Matter Engineers do have hands!
Perprevious Info
Chelsea PenyakBorn: May 27, 1989, San Diego, CaliforniaHeight: 5′ 5″Eye Color: Blue/GrayHair Color: Dark blondeBio:

Chelsea Penyak, a San Diego indigenous, made her initially stage appearance as a student of City Ballet of San Diego at the age of 7. She ongoing her training through City Ballet of San Diego under the direction of Steven and also Elizabeth Wistwell-off (formerly of the Stuttgart Ballet). She trained and also performed in ballet for 13 years, appearing in expert productions including Don Quixote, The Nutcracker , and also George Balanchine’s Stars and also Stripes.