The other day, something deflating caught my attention. I was playing roughly on Google doing some research study for my blog. I typed “Why did God. . .” and also then I stopped. And then I noticed this question that appeared: Why did God make me ugly?

I sighed.

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, Tim Keller writes:

“Leah is the oldest daughter, and the narrator offers us yet one important information about her. The text says that she had ‘weak or negative eyes.’ Some have assumed that she had actually bad eyesight. But the passage does not say, ‘Leah had weak eyes, but Rachel might see exceptionally well.’ It claims Leah had actually weak eyes, however Rachel was beautiful. So ‘weakness’ most likely intended that she was cross-eyed or literally unsightly in some means. The point is clear. Leah was particularly unattrenergetic, and she had to live every one of her life in the shadow of her sister, who was absolutely stunning.”

Rachel was the girl that eincredibly man wanted. But Leah was the girl that nobody wanted.

The story gets better. But only after it gets worse.

The Lord is Near to The Brokenhearted 

We have to not forobtain Jacob, the husband of both Rachel and Leah. He had actually his own collection of problems, most of which stemmed from his childhood. That’s because Jacob’s father, Isaac, favored his brother Esau over him. As an outcome, Jacob flourished up angry and also bitter. And desperate for love. 

Jacob didn’t understand his father’s love. He didn’t recognize his mother’s love. And he definitely didn’t understand the love of God. So when he merely noticed Rachel, he was willing to perform insane things to get her — prefer occupational for salso years for her tyrant father Laban (almost four times the simple price of a bride).

Jacob eventually marries Rachel. But only after he’s tricked into marrying Leah, and only after seven added years of work-related.

So now Jacob is married to both Rachel and Leah.

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Jacob is empty. Rachel is proud. And Leah’s heart is damaged, but that’s excellent news because the Lord is near to the brokenhearted.

This Time I Will Worship The Lord

“When the Lord saw that Leah was hated, he opened up her womb, yet Rachel was barren. And Leah conceived and also bore a son, and also she dubbed his name Reuben, for she shelp, ‘Since the Lord has looked upon my affliction; for currently my husband also will love me.’ She conceived aobtain and bore a kid, and shelp, ‘Due to the fact that the Lord has actually heard that I am hated, he has provided me this boy likewise.’ And she referred to as his name Simeon. Aget she conceived and bore a son, and also shelp, ‘Now this time my husband also will be attached to me, bereason I have actually borne him three sons.’ Thus his name was referred to as Levi. And she conceived aacquire and bore a boy, and also said, “This time I will certainly praise the Lord.’ Therefore she referred to as his name Judah. Then she ceased bearing” (Genesis 29:31-35). 

Tim Keller adds:

“When Leah gave birth to her last kid, Judah, she sassist, ‘This time, I will praise the LORD’ . . . We shouldn’t just look at what God did in her. We need to additionally look at what God did for her. . . This boy was Judah, and also in Genesis 49 we are told that it is through him that the true King, the Messiah, will sooner or later come. God had come to the girl that nobody wanted, the unloved, and made her the ancestral mom of Jesus. Salvation came right into the world, not via beautiful Rachel, but via the undesirable one, the unloved one.”