He is one-half of the former influencer couple known as GassyMexideserve to and CurvyLlama.

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He is a previous The Creatures commentator.

He is a big fan of impersonating celebrities like Morgan Freeguy and Micvital Mousage.

He is all these things and then some, so let’s have actually a look at every little thing we know around the GassyMexican who has a adhering to in the millions.

The Origin Story

For starters, the GassyMexican’s real name is Max Lorenzo Gonzalez, and he was born on December 25, 1990.

That’s appropriate, he was born on Christmas Day!

He’s gained a brother named Jaime, that is married to Kaye.

Max was born in Chicback, Illinois, and elevated on the outskirts of the bustling metropolis.

He attended Grant Community High School in Fox Lake, a village many famous for being a water sporting hot spot.

Dubbed the Heart of the Chain O’ Lakes for its close proximity to Grass Lake, Marie Lake, and also Nipperskink—plus its area alengthy the Fox River to attach the other seven minor lakes—Max was well-positioned to become an outdoorsmale.

But he didn’t—he knew he loved gaming from an extremely young age.

He’s likewise a fan of hockey—particularly the Chicago BlackHawks—basketsphere and also footround.

He loved it so much, in truth, that he bailed on his hometown early and also headed for Denver, Coloraperform, to join up through some various other gaming buddies he’d met digital.

Those males would certainly inevitably invite him to join their gaming cooperation crew—the Creatures.

Love Is In The Cyber-Air

Once Gonzalez had actually graduated from Grant Community high school, he made his relocate.

Not long after joining the Creatures at their Coloraperform content creators’ mansion, he met Renee Reynosa—a The golden state girl who additionally did live streaming.


GettyDespite the long distance between them—he remained in Coloracarry out, and also she was in Oarray County, California—the pair made a partnership work.

They were together from 2011 until beforehand in 2015, when the pair announced that they wouldn’t be streaming together anyeven more.

The engaging YouTube personality relocated on easily, and by October the complying with year, he was dating another gamer—Amanda Defrance.

The Twitch streamer absolutely has actually a form.

Amanda—that goes by the moniker CurvyLlama and short articles photos of her posing in activewear, underwear, and also bikinis on Instagram—showed up repeatedly on Gonzalez’s social media networks up until mid-2020.

Then, on June 26, 2020, the GassyMexideserve to required to Twitter to make an announcement: the couple had split up.

In a lengthy screenshot, he announced that he and also Amanda had damaged up.

Whether it was the anxiety of such a strange year and also being locked dvery own together or a connection running its course, Gonzalez assured his numerous fans that there was no negative blood.

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A Chink in the Career Ladder

GassyMexideserve to and also his crew, the Creatures, were going from toughness to stamina at the begin of 2011 and best with 2012.

The uber-celebrity collab crew were popular throughout social media, particularly in the gaming sphere.

The Creatures was formed in 2009 by Sp00nerism and also Kootra—aka Jordan Mathewboy.

Then, on November 17, 2012, Gassy Gonzalez was kicked from the group.

It complied with a group vote—which Gonzalez had actually been unaware of—in which 3 members voted yes to ousting him, three voted no, and also UberHaxorNova continued to be neutral.

Ultimately, he had actually to vote and also voted yes to Gonzalez’s removal.

Aside from the three members of the Creatures that voted him out initially—DanzNewz, Kootra, and Sly—the remainder of the crew continued to develop content through him.

In a YouTube video he posted the complying with day, GassyMexican said that the kick came after a long duration of tensions in between him and also Daniel Gidlow—aka DanzNewzMachinima.

This then extended right into problems through founder Kootra, with the two gamers saying they weren’t comfortable collaborating via him.

Gonzalez and the Creatures crew didn’t go into why those two asserted to be uncomfortable.

In the decade adhering to Gassy’s boot from the team, fans can’t help but alert exactly how a lot more successful he’s remained in the gaming spright here than either Kootra—that has 19,000 Twitch followers to Gassy’s 750,000+ —or DanzNewz—that has 350k YouTube followers to Gonzalez’s 1.35 million.

The Creatures disbanded in 2017, although almost all the members from GassyMexican’s era had actually currently left.

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GassyMexican – Net Worth

Gonzalez earned a lot of of his wide range from streaming on Twitch, ads on YouTube, and also sponsors.

On Twitch, Gonzalez has approximately $3,000 subs (about $7.5k in revenue per month), while on YouTube, he has 476 million views (around 1 million in revenue prior to taxes).

GassyMexihave the right to has actually always been into gaming, yet he enjoys movies, filmmaking, and modifying, as well.

While he’s in front of the video camera on YouTube—and has been on camera in a handful of mainstream TV ads.

He’s so right into movies, in fact, that he ended up being recognized for his canny impressions of celebrities. He’s done every little thing from a super-comical impression of Morgan Freemale saying “I can smell you” to the Joker, Mickey Mousage, Cleveland also Brvery own from Family Guy, Peter Griffin, and Stewie.

Because of this, YouTuber GassyMexican has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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Want to understand what we mean? Check out some of the GassyMexican’s voice impressions here.