For over five years, DJ Laz (whose genuine name is Lazaro Mendez) greeted listeners in the morning on WFLC Miami’s "Hits 97.3" radio station. 

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But on Nov. 25, the 48-year-old abruptly left the routine, resulting in fans to wonder if he had actually been fired. Here’s what we recognize around the rapper’s exit and what he’s as much as now.

The station reportedly cut ties through the host amid Apollo Global Management’s acquisition of Cox Media Group’s radio and also tv properties, which contained "Hits 97.3."


In a statement, Cox Media Group Miami’s Director of Operations Jill Strada revealed, "WFLC and also DJ Laz have actually parted means amicably. The staff here wishes him the ideal in his future endeavors."

In spite of clintends that Laz’s departure was friendly, the on-air personality’s social media followers uncover it odd that neither he nor any of his former co-employees have pointed out the switch-up. We can’t help yet think that the station could be preventing employees from addressing the sudden changes. 

Some listeners believe Laz responded to the case via a cryptic quote on Dec. 3: "When I was born, the physicians told my mother that I would certainly lay flat on my earlier for the remainder of my life. I have actually currently completed everything by walking. Everything else I’ve done is simply a bonus."

Producer Miss Bryan (Bryan Carstensen), who functioned carefully via Laz on his morning display, additionally vaguely alluded to the "Move Shake Drop" songwriter’s departure while confirming that he was staying put in an Instagram short article on Thanksgiving.


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"Today is a day for being thankful, it’s a day for showing on our stays," the LGBTQ advocate composed before adding, "I love what I perform. I’m not leaving. I’m below and also that’s just bereason of you. Not certain you understand that. It’s bereason of YOU I’m able to store living my dreams."

He continued, "So on this particular day and eexceptionally day, I want to say just how much I’m thankful and also grateful to you. For being tright here with my crazy. When I say stupid things on the air, or when I cry because I get also emo haha or once I stand in my ideas..."