Bow Wow and Ciara during 2005 MTV Video Music Awards - White Carpet at Amerideserve to Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, United States. (Picture by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Fans must be wondering Why Did Bow Wow And Ciara Break Up. Celebrity breakups can be messy, and the post-split drama frequently takes a nasty rotate at times! One of the music industry’s the majority of talked-around couple Ciara and rapper Bow Wow additionally ended on negative terms, and fans wonder what went wrong between the two. From name-calling to serious allegations, the breakup was brutal, not to forget, it got huge media attention too.

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The couple initially sparked dating rumors earlier in 2004. While Ciara appeared to be discreet and also was tight-lipped around the alleged relationship, the rapper was pretty open up around it and admitted that Ciara was his girl. The two also attended parties together and also were solid for 2 lengthy years. The two later parted methods, and it appears favor tright here were rumors of Bow Wow being unfaithful to Ciara throughout the partnership. Let us uncover out why Did Bow Wow And Ciara Break Up.

Why Did Bow Wow And Ciara Break Up?

The pair initially was connected together after the release hit song titled Goodies hit the floor. It was best after the release that media tabloids speculated dating rumors and also assumed that the pair are indeed dating. Romance rumors began increasing later on aacquire in 2004 when they were snapped together by the pappa on assorted occasions. These recurring rumors heightened as they joined pressures to make music along with the Billboard-charting hit Like You back in 2005.

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The rapper came under fire as his words were described as disrespectful. Many kind of asserted that tbelow was no require for such unvital drama and the name-calling on Bow Wow’s component. However before, the damages was pretty a lot done by then, and also it appears favor the rapper’s impulsive nature landed him in this dispute. Ciara, but, was not quite bothered about the continuous name-calling mishap. She preferred not to talk about it. Both the exes have moved on for great, and also it seemed prefer the messy break-up was all in the previous.