What did beth suppose by "I acquire it now" and also why didn't she stab Dawn on the shoulder rather of the head? She has actually stabbed and also swarm walkers on the head before so I don't obtain why she didn't stab Dawn in the head via the scissors


Your first question. There was a conversation formerly. It was Dawn trying to "teach" Beth a lesboy about that matters currently in this people, who's necessary and who's not. It went:

Officer Dawn Lerner: Every sacrifice we make needs to be for the better good. The second it isn't, the second we lose sight of that, it's anywhere. The thing is, you're not the better good. You're not solid enough.

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Beth Greene: I am solid.

Officer Dawn Lerner: How many kind of civilization had actually to risk their lives to save you? In below, you are component of a mechanism. The wards keep my police officers happy. The happier my officers are, the harder they word to save us going. And this hasn't been simple. There have been comassures, but it's functioning. And after they rescue us, we're gonna help put the human being earlier together. Because we're the ones holding on. That's the excellent we're doing below. That's the excellent you're doing here. That renders you worth something. But out tright here... you are nothing. Except dead or somebody's burden.

Beth Greene: That's bullshit.

Officer Dawn Lerner: Oh, yeah? I saw this the night you came in.

Officer Dawn Lerner: Is this bullshit, too? Some world simply aren't created this life, and also that's okay. As long as they go take benefit of the one's who are. 1 of 1 uncovered this amazing | Share this

Officer Dawn Lerner: You know, you shouldn't see this as a sentence. I'm giving you food, clothing, protection. When have actually those things ever before been free?

Beth Greene: I never asked for your aid.

Officer Dawn Lerner: But you required it. Try to look at the excellent we're doing. Hard as it was, we saved Joan's life. Trevitt's life. We conserved your life. I'm keeping us all going right here. That is not a small thing. It's taken a lot to gain us right here, Beth. And I believe what we had actually prior to all of this isn't over. And as soon as we're finally rescued, once this nightmare ends, we're gonna need to rebuild.

Beth Greene: You don't really think someone's coming for us?

Officer Dawn Lerner: There's still people like us, Beth. People trying to store the people alive, to resolve it. Until then, we all have to contribute. To deteriorate. If we take, we offer ago. It's only fair. So keep functioning off what you owe and you'll be out of right here in no time. If that's what you desire.

Beth Greene: It is.

Officer Dawn Lerner: Well, then you need to eat. Otherwise, you'll acquire weak. You won't heal, you'll call for even more therapies, and also you won't be able to carry out your project. I understand you didn't ask for this. I didn't either.

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Beth is saying she gets it now. She's sacrificing herself for the greater good. She's part of a system that is making this world work. The "greater good" being killing that evil bitch and dying herself if crucial. What set her off was as soon as she shelp to Noah, "I knew you'd be back." Noah was conserving Beth and also Dawn took at as if he wanted to be tbelow. It was an insult to him and also Beth. She "gets it" that periodically you have to sacrifice yourself for that "better good" yet also Dawn required to be acquired rid of for that "greater excellent."

2nd question: It's thought that she was either aiming for the head and also Dawn's quick reaction thwarted that or she knew that any kind of act she took would certainly be a chain reaction. She'd die by Dawn and also Dawn would be killed by one of Rick's team.