Aemon gave up all rights to inheritance once he took his vows, which likewise included dropping his surname "Targaryen".

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Aemon's older brothers later on died, however, and also despite being a sworn maester tright here were those that felt that the crown must pass to him. Aemon refsupplied the throne, however, and also it passed to his younger brother, who became King Aegon V. Aemon then joined the Night's Watch to remove himself from the political intrigues of the royal court, and those who wished to collection him up as a rival against his brother.

To go additionally (and ignoring the skipped generation): the Great Council of 233 called to determine that the throne need to pass to following Maekar's fatality was just discussed briefly in the conventional publications, via the basic idea being that the Council quietly readily available the throne to Aemon, who refoffered.

The newly released WOIAF book suggests instead that just a faction of the Great Council offered support for the throne, which additionally suggests that Aemon refused so that dispute would certainly not aclimb if two separate Kings were acclaimed.

He became a maester at 19, so by the moment the throne was available to him he was already committed to those vows, he passed the crown onto his younger brother, and also then took the vows of the Night's Watch to go to the Wall surface. He did this because he feared he might be offered in a plot against his brvarious other. By currently most people either carry out not recognize, or have forgotten of his bloodline

I may be wrong, yet I think he was being trained as a maester when he was readily available the crvery own. Not certain if he had taken his vows yet, however either method, he felt that being a Maester was his true calling.

Do we know which castle he served prior to joining the Night's Watch? Or did he constantly serve Castle Black?

Besides all the valid points pointed out right here, that would really desire it? Basically pins you as a death tarobtain for numerous people, and also for what? Control? Not necessarily Aemon's thing.

I kinda agree yet at the exact same time there are many type of Kings who had peaceful reigns and also passed away peacecompletely. As long as he wasn't a Tyrant (which it's safe to assume he wouldn't be) I think he would certainly have been a great king

I think he was already training at the Citidel when the throne was available to him. Though, just out of personal feelings, he would have declined also if he had actually been available.

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