Why cant i send pictures on my iphone 4s

Just upgraded to iphone 4s and also updated software application to ios 7 and also currently I deserve to not send photos by means of message. I have actually restored my network settings and also rebooted my phone and still have this trouble. Any suggestions?

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Can you send an iArticle through a photo?

Can you sfinish an SMS?

A red indicator is on an MMS - brief for photos through text?

If you have the right to sfinish iMessages through a photo and also SMS, call your carrier.

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Yes, I have the right to send an iPost with a photo and deserve to sfinish an SMS. It appears choose everything is set up correctly, SMS and MMS is on. I will certainly attempt AT&T, hopecompletely they will help - I have heard that they play the blame game and also attempt to pin it on jiyuushikan.org. Thanks,

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I am having actually this difficulty also and i noticed it this morning. not certain the last time i sent a pic to a non-iphone person.

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I experienced on the one more forum that if you acquired to Settings>General>Reset>Recollection Network Setups it would certainly resolve it and it did!!!!!!

After the several updays I was unable to send any type of photos no matter exactly how or that I sent them to. After I did the procedures above i can now send them. So happy!!!

Yes, this worked for me also. I had the ability to message a photo using Messeras, however can not text one straight by means of Photos. After doing Recollection Network-related Settings, I have the right to currently text photos straight out of Photos, as I can before. Thanks!

I recognize this is an outdated question, yet it comes up in the google search all the very same. As I had actually the exact same problem, and also was trying to number out why message messages would go with but not photos or video, and its an continuous worry for people, I assumed I would write-up my solution below. Resetting the network-related settings doesnt seem to work-related now, when youve simply upgraded your phone. People who upgraded via their cellular provider shouldnt experience this problem below, but for those that gained their phone outside of their cellular provider....review on.

Fast and short solution: Contact your cell phone carrier and upday the phones IMEI number to your line.

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Detailed (for those that prefer to recognize how the solution came about):

I did all the tricks:

*clear and delete the conversation of the person I was trying to send (sometimes if they get to big its favor a website traffic jam on the freeway)

*recollection netoccupational settings

*reset all settings

*clear history/data from safari

*turn off imessage/facetime

*cycle cellular data on/off - rotate off information roaming or LTE etc

*turn off wifi

*regain the whole phone altogether

*delete any type of profiles attached to the phone

Due to the fact that there are assorted reasons why the difficulty have the right to occur, tright here are various options - for some people the above tricks might help.

In my instance, none of them did.

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I had actually wifi off, and had just restored my phone, once I visited turn on iMesseras to attempt that route aacquire. Due to the fact that my wifi was off, iMessage tried to activate with cellular and that is the just factor I experienced this error message: "cannot activate cellular information network". I checked my cellular information and also it was on! I was able to make calls, send texts... so...???

Further research study and I ultimately found the answer, which is that as soon as you upgrade your phone, you need to (at leastern in the situation with AT&T, I dont know if this applies to other carriers) inform them of your brand-new phone, by giving them the IMEI variety of your phone to assign to your number. The factor - and also the AT&T agent confirmed this via me, is that each phone (also if its the exact same phone yet different model) has actually its own form of information setup. So on their end, the 5 has actually a various type of data plan then the 6.

*This makes no adjust to the information plan on your account, so dont concern -thats a various form of "data plan".